A little background…

Our corporate identity as the “Ralpha Dogs,” or “Rho Alpha Delta,” is taken directly from the science fiction novel The Cunning Blood, by Jeff Duntemann, a longtime SF and computer book author who’s recently been putting a lot more effort into SF.  In the book, Rho Alpha Delta, nicknamed the Ralpha Dogs, is one of the “Orders” on the planet Hell, where much of the action takes place.  It’s devoted to research and development, hence the Greek letters of its name.  (We don’t do a lot of research and development yet, but we hope to make up for that!)

We apply additional terminology from the book to our corporate structure: our directors are “Abbots,” our security and combat specialists bear the title “Sicarius” or “Sicaria” (from the Latin for “assassin”), and so forth.  And the welcoming speech I give new members is taken almost directly from the text:

“The Ralpha Dogs are pleased to welcome our brother/sister, <name>, to the Blood and Mind united in effort, this Nth day of <month>, <year>.  Wrought in deepest Hell, our vengeance is freedom!”

An Order in The Cunning Blood is a well-defined, self-supporting unit, almost a surrogate family for its members.  This is what we aspire to in our corporate dealings.  The Ralpha Dogs take care of their own, and we keep in touch, because communication is vital. We help each other out whenever we can, in a variety of ways.

This is probably atypical of corporations in EVE.  Suffice it to say that Lexx and I have different ideas. 🙂


4 Responses to “A little background…”

  1. No Treble At all Says:

    Sounds like a fun group. I’d like to join, but unfortunately I’m Caldari and probably wouldn’t be a good fit. Best wishes in your endeavor!

  2. Well, Lexx has Ethnic Relations, so we can legitimately take all races. And the corp does have Caldari ship blueprints on hand…

  3. selenalore Says:

    Very much true. We don’t care basically, we welcome other races. We have a couple of Amarrs in the Ralpha Dogs. 🙂

  4. CALDARI WELCOME! Nuff said

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