Killing Time

Mystic Destruction

Mystic Destruction

Relaxes as her pod gets transfered to one of her security ships.  There is another by the name of Mystic Eagle, but that is only used for major missions that will require the fire power or to go after can tippers, which probably will be a long time, but I do at times guard those of my corp in that ship when they are out mining and hauling.

Once her pod is in place she sits there and waits and watches as Erbo goes off to do some fed-ex runs for the missions person here in Ogoten.  She thinks back to her day as she has been training left and right and is learning her next skill that will take about 15 hours to complete.  She checks the time from time to time and monitors the corp channel for anything just in case she’s called out to come help.

Later that day she had delivered the rest of the trit in her new itty 3 called “Mystic Ore”, then after she delivered the last of the trit to HQ, she headed back to Ogoten to prepare to pod her way back to Vilur when her new miner hull got delivered.   She finally gets word that her new miner hull was waiting in Vilur in her ships hanger, so she unpods from her itty 3, and heads back to Vilur to put her new mining ship together.

She gets there just as Erbo departs the station to head off to pick up the new expanded cargoholds II that were waiting for him in Polstedor.  She docks and puts her new mining ship together and activates it and names it the “Mystic Miner”, and after she puts it all together and places two hammerheads and two valkyrie into the drone bay.  She then insures it and undocks and takes her new mining ship out to test it, so she made a side trip to one of the belts in Ogoten and mined some golden omber and brought back a good chunk of it to Ogoten after she filled her hull and places it in the corps hanger with the other ore, and then she unpods from that ship with satisfaction that it worked well, and reconnects with her Thorax, Mystic Destruction to prepare for some missions.

She comes back from her thoughts and looks to the local channel and checks to see if Erbo has returned from the fed-ex mission, but she then had to make a call to him over the commlink as she’d noticed he’d fallen asleep while piloting to the location.  She smiles and laughs softly and tells him that she loves him anyways, but that he needs to stay awake or risk being blown to bits out there on these trips.

She watches as he enters the Ogoten system and docks at the station, and she sits there with her music of old like Danger Zone and many other songs from back in the ancient times of Earth.  She prepares for the next mission and checks to make sure all is go and prepares to undock and go out after some space pirates and the likes to take them down in another mission…….


2 Responses to “Killing Time”

  1. I was not either asleep! I was…um…checking the tac display! Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket!

  2. selenalore Says:

    *laughs* Uh huh and I’m St. Mary ;). Bed time for us. 🙂

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