Mining Time

Mystic Miner

Mystic Miner

She wakes up from a nights of rest and stirs, as she shifts and moves around.  She stretches and checks the time and blinks.  She yawns and sits up and rubs her eyes, then she climbs out of bed and washes up.  She then dresses for the day and heads and climbs into her pod and transfer the pod from one ship to the next.  This morning she is going to do some mining, so she lets her pod transfer into her new mining ship, the Mystic Miner.

She waits for the pod to finish transferring and then sits back and lets the Exequror come to life under her expert and loving touch.  She sits there for a little while, watching to make sure all areas check out including the screens and more.  She smiles as her music kicks in and the ancient sounds of earth, back in the 1980s starts to come through her speakers. She then checks to make sure the drones are good to go and settles back as she makes contact with stations controllers and asks for permission to launch her ship and readies herself for the launch.

The voice comes back saying she is clear to leave the bay and her ship is helped through the bay door by the stations tractor beams until she is outside the doors and the beams let go.  She smiles brightly and hits a button to slowly start to move away from the station and starts to sing softly to herself.  She is finally away from the station far enough and she turns her ship in the direction of one of the many roid belts in the surrounding solar systems and sets course to the closest one to start to do a little mining for the day.

She reaches the roid belts, and checks her tact monitor to make sure no enemies are about, but if they show she’s prepared.  She has her drones out working guard duty, while she keeps watch as well, while she starts mining.  She also notes that she has just over 4 hours left of her training, so she also prepares to start her next training when it comes time.

She sits there singing to the music and watching all her screens to keep alert of any pirates, that would come and try and disrupt her mining time.  She’ll then fill her cargohold and head back to the station to drop the one load of ore into the corp hanger before she’ll head back out to do some more.


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