The Naming of Vessels

Sometimes, as I cruise by a gate, I get a look at quite a number of ships, and the names people give them.  Of course, a few people don’t bother, which is why you see so many “So-and-so’s Ship Type” ships in EVE.  Some of the names people do give their ships are unexpectedly hilarious.

I’ve got my own naming conventions for various classes of ships, which makes me a little more organized than most capsuleers.  Most often these days, I’m flying cruisers, which are named after Earth rivers (you can see Yangtzee Kiang in the accompanying picture, on a combat mission), or industrials, which I have all named with variations on the word “Brick” (my current top hauler, for instance, is Gold Brick, though I also have Yellow Brick Road, Brickskellar, and Brickyard available).  Occasionally, I get to fly one of my battlecruisers, which are named after geographic features of Mars, the first two being Mons Olympus and Syria Planum.  (A few ships have specialized names, like my Apotheosis shuttle, Grey Ghost, and the forthcoming Firefox project…about which, more anon.)

Selena takes a different tack…all of her ships are “Mystic,” such as her mining frigate Mystic Prism II, her cruiser Mystic Destruction, her BC Mystic Eagle, and her hauler Mystic Ore.  Lexx, on the other hand, is all over the map with her names…from a Hulk named Furious Angels, to a BS named Cenobytes Oblivion, to a BC called First Reich.

Choose the names of your vessels carefully…they can be a critical reflection of your personality and character.


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