The Quantum Rise Cometh

The tireless folks at CCP have just announced the new expansion for EVE Online, to be dubbed “Quantum Rise.”  Unlike Empyrean Age, which mostly focused on factional warfare and combat (and hence was pretty much a non-starter for the Ralpha Dogs), this expansion will contain a number of goodies appealing to the industrialists (aka “stuff we can use”).

One of the big add-ons will be the introduction of customizable corporate storefronts, which sounds like “E-commerce for EVE corps” to me.  If that’s what it is, we should be able to take advantage of that.  Right now, we have a mailing list for people to get price quotes on stuff we make (such as, “How much for a Hurricane?”), but messages can easily get lost or lie around with nobody to answer them.  If we can replace that with something that says, for example, “Buy a Hurricane from the Ralpha Dogs, for only XX,XXX,XXX.XX ISK! Click here!” that’ll make our lives a lot easier.  (We borrowed the system of using a mailing list for orders from the Hauling Hogs.  No doubt they’ll like the benefits of a storefront, too.)

Another item of interest will be the introduction of a new capital industrial ship, the Orca.  Described in this Forums thread as “the Rorqual’s little brother” and “a bridge between common industrials and full-size freighters,” there is, as yet, little information on this new vessel.  If it does fill the gap as promised, perhaps as a hauler with payload in the 100-200 Km3 range, it could be very useful to me personally, and to the Ralpha Dogs as a whole.  There are some hauling jobs that require more payload capacity than even the rigged-out Gold Brick has to give, and it’ll be a while before I train up enough skills, and we have enough ISK, to buy and fly an Obelisk (to be dubbed the Tuomas Holopainen).  But we shall see.

Certificates and medals, which were discussed briefly here on, are kind of a “fluffy” feature that may nevertheless have some use.  It looks like certificates may serve the purpose of being sort of a “mini-EVEmon” for pilots to use in planning courses of training, as well as a way for people to recognize the skill achievements of other pilots, both of which are good things.  (At the same time, certificates don’t have to be public, so pilots that prefer to “play ’em close to the vest” can do so.)  And medals will make for a nice little “ego-boo” for corps to recognize their great members…although I’m afraid that, if Lexx starts awarding me all the medals she wants to award me, I’m going to look like one of those South American tin-pot dictators. 🙂

The only thing that looks worrisome in the expansion is that “industrial ships are being rebalanced and optimized to better suit the needs of haulers and industrialists.”  “Rebalanced” could mean anything, and there are those who speculate that the recently-discussed “speed nerf” will be part of this.  I’m hoping Gold Brick doesn’t get nerfed in the process.

A couple of the QR improvements have already been rolled out to Tranquility, in the form of the StacklessIO and EVE64 server updates, which are credited for reducing the hellatious lag sometimes experienced in Jita and other systems with heavy traffic.  CCP have also mentioned, as noted here, that they’ll be looking at improving communication between the nodes of the server cluster by using InfiniBand networking.  (Side note: In RL, I work at a company that builds high-performance computing clusters, and it’s interesting to see game companies start employing technologies that we and our customers have been working with for years.)

I hope that’s got you eagerly anticipating the onset of Quantum Rise; I know I am.  Till then, clear skies, and fly safe.


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