How the Other Half Lives

The feel of the ship was different from almost anything he’d flown before.  Whatever else you could say about Firefox, it was fast.  Erbo, engaged in a test of the new ship, was cruising through the belts in Aderkan system, looking for trouble.

Some weeks ago, he’d spotted a “present” in his ship hangar back at Ralpha Dogs HQ in Vilur.  Lexx was fond of snapping up rare blueprints, and one of her recent acquisitions had been a couple of Dramiel blueprints.  She’d built one for herself, and then she’d built him one.  The unusual ship required Minmatar as well as Gallente skills to fly, and Erbo had been studying up on the required skills for weeks.  Now, he’d finally been able to assemble and fit out the sleek Angel vessel, and jumped it across to Aderkan for a trial by fire.

There!  An Angel Nomad, just in range as he warped into the belt.  Erbo brought the ship around in a tight turn, locked target on the ship, and opened fire with the missile launcher.  Bloodclaw light missiles soon slammed into the Nomad’s hull, followed shortly by depleted-uranium slugs from the twin autocannons of Firefox.  The Angel pilot, no doubt surprised by what looked like one of his comrades firing on him, shortly found his ship reduced to glowing wreckage.

As Erbo brought Firefox quickly around and scooped the loot from the wreck, two more red pips showed up on his Threat Assessment display…a pair of Angel Ruffians, oblivious of the fate their comrade had just suffered.

“Nice of you guys to show up!” whooped Erbo, bringing Firefox to bear on the new targets and igniting the arc-jet afterburners to close the gap quickly.  Fight’s on!

A few hits managed to score the shields on the new ship, but Erbo persisted, employing missiles, rockets, and guns in the fight.  With a satisfying blam!, first one Ruffian, then the other, evaporated into space dust and wreckage.

“Boy,” said Erbo to himself as he closed in on the two new wrecks to loot them, “is this a machine.”


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