Ambulation/Walking in Stations: A “Second Life” for EVE?

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This month’s topic comes to us from PsycheDiver: Ambulation: What are your hopes for your avatar and new functionality of stations?

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Erbo Evans, Abbot, speaking for the Ralpha Dogs.

CCP’s forthcoming “Ambulation” or “Walking in Stations” expansion for EVE Online promises to be both controversial and interesting.  It may hold the most interest, though, for a significant fraction of us.

Many of the Ralpha Dogs, including myself, Lexx, and Selena, came to EVE from Second Life, a massively multi-user environment (it can’t really be called a “game” as one thinks of it) revolving around avatars similar to those proposed for Ambulation/WiS.  We ought to feel right at home when walking around in EVE stations, as we’re used to seeing ourselves represented as humanoid avatars.

One wonders exactly how much SL-style avatar functionality will be available under EVE, though.  To illustrate just one point: In SL, my avatar is usually seen wearing a double-breasted suit which I bought from a clothing store called “Blaze,” paying about L$500 (500 Linden Dollars, the currency of Second Life) for it.  When I did so, another person in SL (the person going by the name “Blaze Columbia,” in this case), who was the original designer of my suit, got that money.  Will there be similar options for players to supply avatar clothing items in EVE, for which they can be paid ISK?  And how would that work in EVE, fitting it to the economic model already in place?  Would clothing actually be “manufactured” using a process similar to that for making ships and other goods, then need to be sold on the Market?  And does that mean there might be a need for haulers to haul clothing to Jita or other market hubs for resale at the best prices?  Or that there might be an upswing of traffic in systems housing the finest designers of capsuleer haute couture? The mind boggles.

Another example: Will there now be a demand for weddings in EVE?  Heaven knows there are enough of those in SL (and Lexx and I have made money off them), and there are documented examples of such in World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, and other MMO environments.  I’ve actually mentioned to Lexx that she might be able to bring her services as wedding officiant to EVE; I swear, I could hear her rolling her eyes over the Skype line, but who knows, this might be a way she could bring in extra ISK for herself and the corporation…

While I hardly expect that there will be dance clubs in EVE anytime soon (more’s the pity; I have a decent reputation in SL as a club DJ), I’d be a fool to think that CCP hasn’t considered possible player-oriented input into the realm of Ambulation/WiS.  Some of us, like Lexx, will be satisfied as long as the results don’t look “cheesy” (her comment to me: “If it looks cheesy, I ain’t gettin’ out of my pod!”); others will be looking to see just how they can exploit this capability, as players have exploited other aspects of EVE, to make money.

So, while others may be oohing and aahing at the new environments opened to them by CCP when they get out of their pods, we’ll be looking at them with a little more experienced eye…to see how much they “feel like home.”

(This post will be updated if any of the other Ralpha Dogs blog authors feel like contributing.)

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Participants: (UPDATE: please note recent updates marked in the list)


14 Responses to “Ambulation/Walking in Stations: A “Second Life” for EVE?”

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  3. I already know of one player who plans to open a high class and expensive strip club if and when ambulation supports it. Once ambulation is implemented, watching how players leverage its features–as well as sorting out how to take advantage of them myself–is going to make EVE more fascinating than ever. I am *really* looking forward to seeing how the market is affected, and wonder whether exploration and mission drops will change to include new interesting stuff useful only in station environments.

  4. Those are some great ideas for jobs and options players may very well have access to when this all gets set up.

    I hope you enjoyed the topic!

  5. Well, Mynxee, if and when that happens, and your friend’s strip club needs a DJ (assuming club DJ’ing works in EVE similarly to the way it works in Second Life), have him/her look me up.

    (Would you do a guest turn in the club? I wouldn’t mind spinning the tunes while you’re up on the pole…(grin, duck, & run))

  6. rocwieler Says:

    Will the strip club sell lifetime memberships? *grin

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  9. selenalore Says:

    *reads through the comments and the glares at Erbo* Sweetheart, you are sooooooo in trouble and I’m going to beat your arse for that comment!!!

  10. What??? It’d be no different than DJ’ing for–what the hell was that club you used to work for, that you met Lexx and me at?

  11. selenalore Says:

    Yeah but that was ME *pops you lovingly in the back of the head*

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