Submitted For Your Edification

I finally got around to adding some proper blog sites to the “Blogroll” category on the right.  These reflect the EVE Online blogs I follow right now; later on, I’ll be adding more, particularly more selections from CrazyKinux’s EVE Online Blog Pack, as I have a look at them and start following them.  Hey, with EVE blogs now in the triple digits and counting, you gotta be a little selective.

(Those of you who follow Evans Avenue Exit may have noted that I impose a condition on blogroll entries there; I have to have actually met the person in-world before I’ll add their blog to the blogroll.  I’m not doing that in EVE, for two reasons: first, it’s not as practical, as EVE is much bigger and it would take a long time to find some of these folks, and second, were I to encounter some fellow bloggers face-to-face, or nose-to-nose, as it were, the encounter would likely end with me reawakening in a clone vat back at Vilur–not an auspicious development!  No offense.)

Read of these other EVE bloggers; you might actually learn something.  That’s why I do it.


One Response to “Submitted For Your Edification”

  1. Ice blog man. I will add you to my reading list!

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