Another Round of Missions Done.

Well later on that night, Erbo and I wake up and get up and get ready to do some work.  It seems that we are going to be doing some more missions, which by the way I love them much for it helps keep Erbo and I on our toes and alert.

We went on out and cleaned up some and then sat down to eat a meal together, when over our comlinks, we get a call from one of the agents that assigns us our missions.  We report to him directly right after we finish eating to find out what he has for us.

Well it seems that there are a large fleet of pirate rats entering space in a certain area, and we’ve been asked to go in and take them down.  We agreed to the mission and quickly loaded up into our ships.  We entered out ships and started to warm them up, and as the engines warmed up our music started playing through our speakers.  His ‘Nightwish’ and mine what ever the hell I wanted it to be.  I’m not a picky music listener for I love music and my music ranges from classical to very old rock to jazz and more.  Needless to say, Erbo knows I’m easy to please when it comes to music.  I even love listening to his ‘Nightwish’ from time to time.  It was the love of music and many other things we had in common that attracted us to each other in the first place and then just as fast we feel in love so fast we put lightspeed and more to shame, that’s how fast it was for us.  We’ve been happy every since.  Anyways, back to what I was telling you about. *laughs softly*

Our missions we pulled this night dealt with pirates and traiters and get vengence for a comrade.  The one mission that we had to deal with wound up getting us well over 100K in isk or more bounty prize wise, and the pay was exceptional as well. 🙂

Well I need to head out for now, it seems duty is calling and missions are to be done.  You’ll hear more about things as we get them done.


One Response to “Another Round of Missions Done.”

  1. What can I say? I just like Nightwish. 🙂

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