More Missions Completed

As the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture plays through my speakers and surrounds me, Erbo and I undock from the space station and head out on more pirate missions, but this time, we’ve had to kill and ex-employee and a few other unsavories to get what ever they had back or done with.

Many things we killed this night, including rouge drones and more.  In one of the missions Erbo was being misseled hard, while I was taking on some missels myself but the damage to a medium cause I had switched on my invulnurability shield.  I lost count again of how many missions we did tonight.

After the last mission I went and changed out something on my Mystic Destruction, and also went and built Mystic Executioner, which is another Thorax but with some different fittings then what Mystic Destruction had.  In place of the invulnurability shield and the medium shield extender, was placed a capaciter booster and a drone navigation computer.  While in place of my cargohold extenders and a few other things in the low slots was placed an armour hardener, and I also had placed in a medium armor repair.  I’ll probably test out Mystic Executioner some time tomorrow night, when I know we’ll be called back into the offices of the agents to be assigned more missions, to take on the bad guys and more.

As I look at the time now, it is time for me to call it a night, as well as Erbo.  We’ll be having a busy day or night ahead of us tomorrow and also the next day or so as well.  Everyone have a good night and sleep tight and for those that it is daylight for them, ya’ll have a wonderful day, and I hope sky is clear and bright. :). *gives a wave and disappears into the living quarters she shares with Erbo and lets the door slide silently shut behind her*


3 Responses to “More Missions Completed”

  1. Great musical choice. The in-game jukebox should have a line-up with that in it.

  2. Yeah, she favors the classical music…though I’d think Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” would also be apropos. I’m more the heavy-metal type; mainly Nightwish, though Iron Maiden works well, too (“Where Eagles Dare” and “The Trooper” from Piece of Mind in particular), and I could throw some DragonForce in there as well, and maybe a couple more Finnish bands (Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Warmen).

    Selena is dubious about the wisdom of the armor tank, despite the fact I’ve been running with one on Rio Grande and it’s been holding out well, even in a mission where I got whacked by six missile shots per volley until we could whittle down the attackers. But I think she’ll adapt.

  3. selenalore Says:

    Thank you, and I’m not just a classical person. I also love the 80s and more types of music. Yes grant you Erbo is more of the heavy metal type, but he also does love good music no matter what it is, from country to more. Now don’t say you don’t hun :). I work with you and I know your very extensive music library, which reminds me. We need to get my own library going on my system, so that I can listen to music that is on my HD so it can take away from me listening to things online.

    I’m listening to Martini in the Morning right now over winamp and shoutcast radio.

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