Tonight was..well

This night when Erbo and I woke up, we got out to do a few things before heading into an agents office to take on some missions.  Tonights missions were pretty good in many ways especially isk wise, but for me this night I just couldn’t make up my mind what type of music I was going to be listening to for the trips to and from the station and on the missions, so I was going between dance, techno, r&b and hiphop.  I think it was kind of driving Erbo up the pervable spaceship wall cause I couldn’t make up my mind what to listen to. *laughs softly* My taste this night wanted to deal with something that had a beat and would keep my feet and all going as we battled some long missions or many pirates.

The first mission we had, I took out ‘Mystic Executioner’ and baptized her with flame and missles.  She’s a great ship and will be good if really needed to do some tanking in, but I just didn’t like having less cargo space then my other ships since we tend to do a lot of salvaging on our missions too the point that I have to carry on the extra cargo that Erbo cann’t fit in his ship.  We finished that mission and headed back and started another.  Yes we are apparently mission hogs *laughs some more*, and for the rest of the missions I used ‘Mystic Destruction’.

One mission was kind of odd, called a Damsel in distress..Well as we heard the tail I was ready to blow the no good Krrull out of the sky to teach him a lesson to not do that to a woman.  We got to the location and well we had a lot of fighting to do, and I had the pleasure of taking down the man and rapeing his ship of all that was on there and strangely enough his DNA as well.  That was just kind of weird, but then I wasn’t going to complain cause the no good person was taken down and hard.   I felt good getting that scum blasted into space dust.

The last mission we done for the time being we had to take on numerous pirates and we were both being hit hard.  I’d changed out a few things on ‘Mystic Destruction’, I got read of the medium shield extender and replaced it with a drone navigation computer, and I exchanged my invulnerability shiel for a medium shield booster.  The shield booster was used a lot this time around.

We finished the mission and turned it in, and decided that for now it was time to take a break and to relax, for we can get back to the missions later on, and so we got out of our ships and went out to relax and enjoy the company of each other with a good meal and just to relax and enjoy our slow down time.  There will be more missions, but for now take care all, and we’ll be roaming around and relaxing until next time.


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