DareDevil Erbo

I don’t know what life was thinking when they intertwined our two lives into one, but it seems even here on Eve we are perfectly matched for each other.  Erbo is the daredevil or crazy one of him and I, but he’s also the daredevil and crazy one of the Corp, but then he might have a friend and matching daredevil streak in another of our corp members so he wouldn’t be the only one nuts that we have in our midsts, but then I wouldn’t love him for who and what he is if he was dull and boring.

I’m guessing it was the crazy, daredevil side that really drew me to him, though when we first met he was rather sigh, but it seems as we got to know each other he opened up and became more himself instead of some stereo type.

I might be crazy as well, but I’m not yet to crazy and daredevilish, to head out to low sec or null sec like he is, and I guess that’s why our friend Lex and I get along so well, cause we are about the same in some aspects, as in not having the nerve right now to go into the territories that Erbo goes into, but yet the man loves me for who I am.

I guess to him, I’m crazy and fun loving in his own way of thinking, though sometimes I can be a dull and boring person, but then he’s learned that I’m not even close to being dull and boring, he has come to find out in many ways that I can keep him on his toes and such :).  I’m also spontanious at times and do some things that he would at time think was like, whoa, where’d that come from, but then I think he just falls more and more in love with me as much as I fall more and more in love with him.

Our lives have been intertwined for a reason, but we don’t even want to try and figure that part out, all we know is that we are very happy that fate decided to intertwine our circuits in some way together you could say :).

I’ve been here when he’s been out on his scouting missions, and I was always pacing the floor of the headquarters waiting to hear word, if he was blown to space dust, or just pure relief he was still breathing, and when this has happened, I’d either pace or I just couldn’t stand it any more and go out and work on my skills and even at times I would come up with some crazy ideas for ships and what can be placed upon them ships to help them better.  If that didn’t help me, I’d climb into one of my ships and head to Ogoten to do a mission or even better yet, go mining.  It was the only way I could keep my sanity when he was out on one of his scouting missions for the corp to find places where we can some where in the near future go and mine the more rarer ores that we need instead of buying the minerals of what we need.

The man may be insane, crazy and a daredevil, but I’m always thankful that he always returns to me and I just hold him close and give him all the kisses and love I can when he’s in my arms on a return mission, which reminds me, *smiles secretly*, he’s back so I’m going to drag him off into our living quarters and snuggle with him after I give him a peace of my mind, which I think he likes it cause he knows someone truely cares about him and it has made his life so much more easier to be who he is. *waves and pulls Erbo into their living quarters and the door shuts behind them as she gives him a kiss that would blow his mind at times*


6 Responses to “DareDevil Erbo”

  1. If I do get atomized, love, you’ll never know it, because I’ll be back at Vilur instantly, freshly released from the cloning vats. All I’ll have lost will be some ISK to order a new clone and replace my implants.

    Not that I WANT this to happen anytime soon, mind you! 🙂

  2. selenalore Says:

    *giggles* Love you dear 🙂

  3. Oh la la, some office (in this case corp) romance 🙂

  4. What can I say? The family that plays (EVE) together, stays together. 🙂

  5. selenalore Says:

    *giggles* That is sooo true :).

  6. That is why i send HIM to fetch shit in lowsec DUH!

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