Human Cattle. What!?!?!

I was awoken early that morning by Erbo, and I gave him a look that could kill after our late night, and then he smiles and gives a kiss and then says, “We got a mission that deals with missing people.” I return the kiss and then sit on the edge of the nice comfy bed and give him a blank look for a moment.

Finally what he said about the mission sinks into my my still sleeping brain, and I blink and finally fully slip out of the warmth of the thermal blanket that covered me and got dressed.  I grumbled a little bit, but  I soon got something in my system that started to wake my brain and started clearing out the fog that was still covering it from the sleep.

After I dress, Erbo and I head out to our ships and starts them up and as he puts on his Nightwish, and me my oldies music from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the machines start to come alive around us and seem to move to the music that each of us was listening to, and headed out.  The first few steps of the mission was easy, but when it came to the fourth part of the mission, well things got a little sticky and well, I had to pull out the big guns.

I had to turn back for my Mystic Destruction took on damage to the amor, and I had to tell Erbo I had to get out fast.  I got back to Tollus and repaired my ship and then pulled out Mystic Eagle, poor thing was gathering dust, and I finally got to use her again.

Big Guns!

Big Guns!

I pod out of Mystic Destruction after the repairs and enter into Mystic Eagle, and then I’m out of the station as fast as Mystic Eagle can fly.  I’d recently updated some of her equipment and such on her, and it was time to test out the new upgrades on her.

I meet Erbo outside the Tollus Station after my trip back from Ogoten with Mystic Eagle, and he had to head in and replace some drones and do repairs on his own ship  for it had taken on some major damage while I was away repairing my own ship.

Once I met him outside the station he warped our small two ship fleet back to the location and we finished them off, but it was in the final deadspace pocket we entered that we knew we wouldn’t survive, but thankfully the mission was  completed and we could get out of there fast.  There was a ton of Amarr and Caldari ships there and it apparently was where a slave ring was being setup.  These fleets had battlecruisers so we know we couldn’t take them on ourselves and it was out of our hands and the agents hands who had assigned the mission to us, but it was just a survaliance mission anyways and once that objective was complete, we swiftly headed home and warped out and back to the station and safety.

The mission was turned in and let me tell you this.  We definantly made some nice isk off this 5 part mission, from not just the pay and reward but also from all the bounty we had gotten.

We let our ships settle down into the bays before we got out and went back to our quarters to eat and rest for the night.


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