Not your NORM FedEx Mission: Silicate Glass Pickup

After a number of missions we had, Erbo got a FedEx mission little knowing it wasn’t your NORMAL FedEx that he usually gets.  He was sent on a mission to pick up some Silicate Glass for one of the agents in Tollus and had asked me to stay behind while he went on the missions. He’d come to regret this later though.

>:) *grins evilly*

I stayed behind as he asked me too, but not maybe a few minutes or so later I hear him call me over our private comchannel.  I was pretty surprsied when het told me too get my ass out to where he was and pronto.  I responded and knew then that this WAS NOT the normal FedEx mission, but also that it was an encounter one.  I swiftly undocked and told him to NOT approach the warehouse until I got there.  Sometimes he listens and sometimes he don’t but it seems this time he did.

Lets put it this way and bluntly, this is the FIRST time I’ve actually had to save his ass.  Usually it’s me needing the saving cause I’m usually the one that is shot too hell and back and had to warp out too repair my ship, but he had to do it this time, so he warped to the Tribunal in Polstador and got repaired, while I stayed behind and took on the rats.  I lost six Hammerhead II drones during this battle, which is the first time since I started using them, but as my boys were going down they were also taking the ships they were fighting; down with them.  I’m proud of them for doing their job.

Oh not saying that I’m not proud of my husband, I AM very proud of him indeed cause he saved my biscuits a number of times during some of our missions where I had to warp out to repair, but back to what I was talking about.  The Silicate Glass, so called FedEx mission.


I was fighting off the pirates as were my drones. Like I said, I lost six of them.  I wasn’t taking much damage.  Hell my shields never dropped below 70%.  Now that’s what you call tanking and with a great ship behind it.  Mystic Eagle, is a Mrym and damn good in a lot of things, but it also helps that your ability to work the ships controls and such are also a plus.

There were only a few of the rats left as Erbo came over our private comchannel saying he was on his way back.  As Erbo pulled in out of his warp he helped finish off the rats that were left.  After the last pirate was blown into space dust, Erbo completed his mission too get the glass he was sent here too get.

I was mumbling quietly too myself as I started salvaging the ships we destroyed.  I continued thinking too myself and gloating about what I get too tell Erbo later, and with a smile; I got on the private comchannel and talked too him and told him the status of Mystic Eagle‘s shields and such.  Then told him of the six drones going down and taking the enemy with them.

All I can say at this point is giving a thankful wish that the ones who created and built the mrym, that they built it solid and with a drone bay that can hold up to 15 medium drones, such as my Hammerhead IIs, for with each drone that went down, I launched another in place of the ones that went down.

Erbo and I finished salvaging and headed back too Tollus to turn in the so called FedEx mission.  I could see in Erbo’s eyes that he wish he could stick the glass up where the sun don’t shine of the agent who assigned it as we walked to the office to turn it in.  He was also wincing some from the bill for the repairs on his ship and the loss of the six VERY expensive Hammerhead IIs that were lost.

It was after Erbo turned in the mission, that as Erbo and I were walking towards our living quarters, done with missions for the night, on the station, I smiled sweetly, but Erbo knew it wasn’t sweet, but he knew that I was about too tell him “I TOLD you so.”, and he had to wince again and agree, but then we started laughing with each other as we entered our living quarters.  We also know that the Silicate Glass mission will be an encounter so next time we’ll be ready.


The moral of this story everyone is too not always think all FedEx missions are not your typical pick up types of missions, cause there are some out there that aren’t of the norm, so always be prepared to eat crow if it turns out too be an encounter one, and ALWAYS call for back up and not be ashamed to call for help; for your friends and corp members will always, if not most of the time, will be there for you.


*continues laughing with Erbo and picking on him and telling him no matter that she will always love him no matter what as the doors of the living quarters close behind us*



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