The Appeal of the Never-Ending Story

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This month’s EVE Blog Banter comes to us from Brinelan over at The Shard ( He asks: What drew us into EVE, what keeps us playing the game and what brought us back if we’ve ever left?

. . .

Erbo Evans here, speaking for the Ralpha Dogs, but mainly for myself this time around.

Before I was in EVE, I was in Second Life, as was LexxEva (where she is known as “Alexzandria Aeon”).  We were convinced to try EVE by a friend of ours, known in EVE as “Valandriana” and in Second Life as “Lillindrial Kamachi.”  She was on Skype with me, as was Lexx, as I created my young Gallente character, using my Second Life name as a character name (hey, it works), completed at least part of the tutorials, and flew my first ship, the Velator Greased Pig, along the long and dangerous course from Cistuvaert to Ogoten, where I signed on with the corp she was in, Chilled Solutions, part of the Cryogenesis Mining Syndicate alliance.  Chilled Solutions, and its CEO Slif, were good to us while we were there; how we got from there to founding the Ralpha Dogs is another story entirely, mainly having to do with what we now refer to as “The Kublai Incident.”  But you can see evidence of my SL roots in the greeting I send out over chat: “Friendly greetings!” (Shamelessly lifted from Torley Linden.  I don’t think Torley will mind though.)  All of it is part of the evolving story.

Selenalore, of course, came into EVE after she heard about it from me.  She was also a Second Life Resident (under the name “Selenalore Michigan,” among others), and she also had experience in a couple of other MMOs, so this was not as great a leap for her as you might think.  She took to it readily, and has been doing her best to build herself up and become worthy of the title “Sicaria.”  At the same time, she has really taken to the EVE universe; I recall an IM conversation recently, while I was at work, in which we spent some time discussing the fallout from the Kador invasion of Gallente space.  (Looks like President Foiritan did exactly what I hoped he wouldn’t do, and took military action in response, though it appears to have been limited.  Now I just hope Empress Jamyl doesn’t get all pissed off as a result.)  We’ve taken a few others under our wings as the Ralpha Dogs have gained a foothold; some have drifted on, and we wish them well, while others have stayed and done great things for us.

Obviously, my friends keep me playing the game, both those that came with me from SL and those I’ve found among the stars of New Eden.  But, more than that, I keep playing because of the endless possibilities.  The universe of EVE is large, both in space and in time; its grand history is as essential to its depth as its galaxy-spanning geography.  Yes, I spend a lot of time running missions with Selena; it’s more fun to run them together.  But I’m also always looking to train that next skill, get that next ship or module, explore that next system, find that next mother lode of ore, run that next manufacturing job, help that next new corp member fly the ship of their dreams–write the next chapter of the never-ending story.  And I know there are possibilities even beyond that, that I’ve barely scratched the surface of.  Someday we may be running our own POS, or flying the “big ones,” or doing God knows what out there.  And we–the members of the Ralpha Dogs–will be doing it together.

Wrought in deepest Hell, our vengeance is freedom!

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9 Responses to “The Appeal of the Never-Ending Story”

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  2. […] The Ralpha Dogs: The Appeal of the Never-Ending Story […]

  3. […] The Ralpha Dogs: The Appeal of the Never-Ending Story […]

  4. Interesting post. Is there much crossover from SL to Eve that you know of? I guess they are very different.

    As you say, it is a neverending story- there is always something to strive for, even three years on. Quite clever of CCP 😉

  5. Good post. Even mission-running can be unique when it’s done with friends.

  6. Ombey: I’m not sure how much crossover there is; of course, the two environments are very different (SL isn’t really a “game” in the strict sense, IMHO). When Ambulation/WiS is deployed, EVE may take on a few more SL-like qualities…we shall see.

    PsycheDiver: The family that rats together, stays together. 🙂

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