Re-Energizing The Corporation

The Stewart Lithia engages in a mining operation.

The Stewart Lithia engages in a mining operation.

Recently, the Ralpha Dogs have kind of been slowing up, and it hasn’t been an ideal time for the corp.  Due to various commitments in real life and in other places, Lexx, Selena, and I haven’t been in EVE as much recently, especially Lexx.  And, when Selena and I have been in, we’ve been focusing more on mission-running, as that tends to more fit her style.  As a result, we’ve actually lost a couple of members; they joined up with our friends in the Hauling Hogs because they felt they were getting better support there.  While I can’t begrudge them their choice, it does seem we’ve “lost our way” a bit, and lost sight of a large piece of our core mission.

To that end, I’ve been trying to work out how Selena and I can carry on with mining, manufacturing, and sales on our own, to keep the corporation going.  This involves our skill training, the ships we fly, and where we actually fly.  Details below the fold.

Mining Skills and Ships

At my direction, Selena has shifted the emphasis of her skill training, as I have.  My ultimate goal in this regard is to have each of us capable of flying both the Hulk and the Orca, which would allow us to run a mining operation with fairly decent volume virtually anywhere in Empire space.  Presently, I’m now able to fly Retrievers, while Selena has trained for the Iteron IV and is working on the Iteron V.  (I’ve promised to make her a hauler along the lines of Gold Brick when she finishes that training, a hauler that can carry over 38,000 cubic meters of cargo!)  Lexx left a couple of pre-rigged Retriever hulls in one of our corporate hangars, abandoned once she was capable of flying Hulks; I’ve refitted them and rechristened them Stewart Lithia and Pala Chief.  We’ve already tried out our mining operations, with Selena as hauler and me as miner, and we’re decently productive at it.  The downside is that Selena feels vulnerable without her guns; I can’t say as I feel much better, though!

Refining and Manufacturing

Of course, once we have the ore, we have to refine it, so I need to make sure my Refinery Efficiency skill is up there.  I have Mass Production at Level 4, allowing me to run four jobs at once; I’ll want to get that and Production Efficiency up, to be able to make finished goods more effectively.  And I’ll be encouraging Selena to do the same.


The last stage in the chain is getting those items to market and getting ISK for them.  There’s a whole slew of trade-related skills I need to look into for that.  In addition, I’ve trained to fly the Obelisk, once we manage to get our hands on one, which will allow me to transport bulky things like ship hulls to market hubs.  (Aside: So many people seem to name Obelisks something ridiculous, like Phat Basturd or Do My Hips Look Fat? or something along those lines.  I assure you I have a more dignified name in mind.)

Location, Location, Location

It’s gotten rather popular around our neck of the woods; Ogoten frequently has most if not all of its belts mined out.  Therefore, at the encouragement of one of our colleagues from the Hauling Hogs, Selena and I have set up another satellite office, deep in Amarr space and over 20 jumps from corporate HQ.  We’ve now moved enough ships and materiel there to do a decent mining operation, and run a few missions besides to improve our standing with the station owner.  (I want to move one more ship there–one of my Viators, Botany Bay–but we weren’t able to get to it last night.)  Soon enough, we’ll have to look for blueprints to set up manufacturing there; luckily enough, we’re two jumps away from a major trade hub, which will help in getting our goods to market.

Here’s hoping that 2009 brings renewed success to the Ralpha Dogs, and (we hope) the return of Lexx.  We miss her terribly.


One Response to “Re-Energizing The Corporation”

  1. Tony - EVE's Weekend Warrior Says:

    Awe, tough times indeed.

    Well I just started my industrial operations and if you guys want to become my supplier for minerals I would be willing to pay to have it at buy price delivered (pay you for that also) plus whatever you think is fair steadily a month at a time for certain minerals.

    Sorry bout the wall-o-text. I live in a system called Umokka.

    EVE mail me (Tonglil).

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