The Move and Missions

[Speaks and the Personal Log kicks on and starts to record]

“Eve log – date – 2009.01.22 – year 106 of New Eden”

I’ve decided to try and give this voice log recording a try instead of typing, maybe it’ll actually spell words correctly if it can understand with my accent :).  Now where to start… Oh yeah…

Recently we moved the Ralpha Dog’s HQ to Amarr Empire territory, since the belts were being mined dry over in the Minmatar territory, so we moved to the Tash-Murkon Region of the Amarr Empire, and it’s a rather large region to explore and possibly find some good belts that have yet to be mined clean.

We found the fresh new start in the Tash-Murkon territory, most if not all belts in the surrounding area are made up of Veld, Scord, Plag and Pyro, yes you heard correctly, Pyro. Pyro is usually found in low sec or in mission belts, and this makes it even better that we don’t have to worry about hunting down Pyro or belts unless some belts are mined out.  I’ve been seeing many mining barges and exhumers humming around in space in and about the area of our HQ, so there is no telling.

Right now though, Erbo and I are busy doing missions so that we can get our standings too the point that we don’t have too pay any reporocessing fees/taxes.  We started with lvl 1 missions and then lvl 2 missions, once our standings were up there to start lvl 2 missions.  Things seem to be going good so far, and finally we have worked our standings up to where we can now do lvl 3 missions.

Our missions of late have been lvl 3 missions, and we’ve been pulling in some nice isks for what we’ve been doing.  We clearly pull over millions of isks in a night’s worth or a few hours worth of lvl 3 missions, and it’s very nice.  Once our standings are up there we’ll finally start mining again, which means poor me will have too be the hauler, while he mines away, but eventually when I’m able to use a mining barge or an exhumer, I’ll be able to mine and him haul, so we’ll be switching off from time to time on the mining and hauling.

Oh and on a POSTIVE note, FINALLY after 20 gruelling days of training, I can now fly an Itty 5, YAHOO!!

[………. a pause of silence ………..]

Ok back to what I was talking about [… there’s a quiet laugh over the recording …] Well I was going to get back to talking about what I was, but instead I’ll talk about my training I done after the 20 gruelling day training of Gallente Industrial.  After that training, I trained up Gallente Frigate to 1, and after the frigate was trained, I started training mining barge up to 2.  While I was training this skill, Erbo and I done more missions.

[…….. another pause of silence ……..]

Erbo and I have been doing missions since 1930 (9:30 p.m.), and finished the last missions at 0200, and 4 minutes later my mining barge finished training to lvl 2.  I then started training gunnery up to lvl 5, so that I can start training a few other things up so that I can fit any newer ships with the correct equipment, from armor to turrants from mining barges to battleships and more.

[…….. one final pause of silence …….]

Well needless to say, Erbo and I will be very busy trying to get the corp back on its feet and getting it going again.  This will include both mining and missioning, and hopefully one day recruitment going once again.

Well, it’s that time to sign out for the night, so clear skies too all, and too all a good night, while for some their day is just beginning, when ours ends.

[…. End Log Recording …. Silence as recording stops ….]


5 Responses to “The Move and Missions”

  1. Hey, good post!

    Interesting format you choose to take, and it worked.

    Tweet this so all the other EVE players will see!

  2. Consider it tweeted. 🙂

  3. Podcast it 🙂 Easy to do and fun to listen to 🙂

  4. selenalore Says:

    Thanks, but I’m not too keen on my voice, but hehe I’ll keep in it mind 😉

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