This Weekend

[speaks and the recording starts…]

“Eve Log – date 2009.01.24 – Year 106 of New Eden”

Ok, so I’ve gotten use to talking into this recorder and it is much easier to do then typing after all. [.. soft laughter heard over the recording ..]  Anyways, lets get down to the business of why I’m recording again.  I’m going to explain what I’ve been doing at the start of my weekend in New Eden, I’ve still got another day or so to go before the weekend is over.

[.. brief silence, except for some hip hopping music being heard some in the background as Selena moves about cleaning the living quarters as she records ..]

My weekend started with pulling a few lvl 1 missions, before Erbo finally got up and we started a lvl 3.  My first two lvl 1 missions were a repeat.  I had to do Worlds Collide, twice… Yes twice, but then the third one finally got me to do some over kill in a mission, I had to go take down EOMs, and they didn’t even really get a chance to hit me at all.  My hammerhead IIs were all over them in a heart beat.  Sometimes I wasn’t even able to hit them cause the drones were taking them out left and right… Oh yeah you are probably wondering what overkill was :).  I used Mystic Nightmare, yes a fully loaded myrm with 5 of the 15 hammerhead IIs is overkill in a lvl 1 mission. [.. more soft laughing over the recording ..]  Anyways, I finished this mission, and I had to bring in Erbo to help me salvage the mess of wrecks, but we got them cleared, and I went and turned in the mission, and then finally Erbo and I were ready for me to take on a lvl 3 misison.

The lvl 3 mission neither of us had gotten before that night was called Missing Reporter, and it’s a 3 part mission.  Lord talk about bounty, we got well over 800K on the killings alone in the second part of this mission.  It took us up to near down time on EVE for us to get it salvaged.  Erbo had to go get his newly made ship that he’d made from ship plan in I think Evemon, which has fittings for each type of ship plan you wanted to do, and it dealt with being called a tow truck in the plans, but he named it something else.  This ship had 3 salvagers and 3 tractor beams on it and lots of cargo space.  Needless to say after I could take my second load, he finished off the wrecks that were left and then head to the station just as it hit 30 minutes before downtime.  That was a close call.

[.. another brief silence and more music in the background as Selena does some checking of things ..]

Well we’ve still got the final part to do today, part 3 of the missing reporter, and the fun part is we’ve got to take on some Amarr Navy Ships and such to finish it.  We’ll be doing that after Erbo wakes up later on.  Yes he’s still sleeping, and I cann’t blame him, but the funny thing is, I’m usually still asleep at the time of day to, but for some reason today I just couldn’t sleep any more, so I’m up and doing a few chores around the living quarters and such, but for now I’m going to sign off, so that I can finish doing some things and relax before Erbo and I have to take on the final part of this mission, but then we’ll probably do even more missions before we’ll have to take a break for a couple of hours, and so until later, take care and clear skies.  You’ll be hearing from me again soon enough and hear more about some of the adventures of myself and of the pack The Ralpha Dogs.

[.. silence and then nothing as the recording ends ..]


One Response to “This Weekend”

  1. The ship in question is the destroyer ‘Hap’ Arnold, and it’s designed as a fast salvage vessel, with three sets of tractor beams and salvagers. The other high slots are occupied by a couple of light rails for defense. With cargohold expanders, a T2 AB, and an extra capacitor battery to help power all this bountiful junk, it can make short work of even the biggest field of wrecks.

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