Two Removes Equal One Fire

Ultra Magnus in flight.

Ultra Magnus in flight.

LexxEva, CEO and Abbot of the Ralpha Dogs, ordered her Megathron-class battleship Ultra Magnus to make  the final jump from Marthia system to Assiad.  It was a long haul from the corp’s previous headquarters in Vilur–27 jumps, crossing from the Minmatar Republic through the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State before winding up in this little corner of the Amarr Empire.  Erbo and Selena had done the pioneering work, moving much of the corp’s supplies and their own stable of ships from Vilur.  Now, it was her turn.

The jump completed, she triggered the warp drive.  The massive battlewagon turned, lining up on course for the station where they’d set up the headquarters.  Lexx knew there was more to be done; she had a number of other ships to fly out here, such as one or two of her battlecruisers, and especially one of her newest ships, the Nemesis-class stealth bomber Parthenogenesis.  Her Hulk, the Furious Angels, was already waiting for her.  A couple of her other ships had been repackaged and packed into shipping containers; soon enough, Erbo would make a run out to Vilur with his newest toy, the Obelisk-class freighter ΡΑΔ Tuomas Holopainen, and ship them here.

The station loomed before her as the mighty battleship dropped out of warp.  Lexx keyed up her comm systems.  “Republic Security control, this is Ralpha Dogs flight Lima-two, battleship Ultra Magnus, requesting permission to dock.”

Ultra Magnus, this is Republic Security control Assiad III, you are clear for docking,” came the voice over the channel.  “Set standard vector and prepare for tractor.  Welcome home.”

Lexx glanced around once more as the tractor beams prepared to tow the massive ship into the station.  It was going to be hard to think of this place, so far from the Gallente spaces of her youth and the Minmatar regions where she’d been working for so long, as “home.”


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