The Demise of Mystic Nightmare I

[speaks and the log starts recording]

“Eve Log – date 2009.01.26 – Year 106 of New Eden”

[… there’s a soft sigh at the beginning and then Selenalore speaks …]

This is the first time in a long time since I’ve been piloting any ship that I have lost one.  The last one just happened recently, thankfully I was able to pod to safety, but sadly I had to head back to HQ, with Erbo on my tail after he had to repair twice.  This most recent mission was a mess cause of many reasons.

The reasons behind them is one, we were not fitted correctly for the damage, and secondly we were getting target jammed and weren’t able to hit the broad side of a space station.  I’d lost a couple of drones and such, but at least I got out of there alive.

[.. brief silence with some papers or something rustling in the background ..]

Ok now time to tell the demise of Mystic Nightmare I, my first myrm since we moved to the new area of the galaxy to try and get our corp up and running again.  The mission was a lvl 3 mission, and was handed to me by the only lvl 3 mission agent over in Assiad 6-4, which is where we are right now.

The mission was called Cargo Delivery, and I had to go pick up some spiced wine from the warehouse over in Rumida.  All was going smoothly, and we knew to expect the Serpantis to pop out to attack.  We though oh yeah bring it on, but it came to later be the demise of my ship, but we did learn from that mistake, and with the help of our friend Tony, who we was chatting with over the com channel, while we was refitting my new myrm out.  Oh anyways I’m changing the subject in the middle of what I’m talking about, so back to what I was talking about.

I hit the warehouse and the Serpantis came out of the wood work and started to buzz us like a massive hornet swarm, like their nest had been disturbed.  We started fighting them and all of them had swarmed on Erbo, they like sooo totally ignored me for a while, so I was able to fight safely without being hit, but then the inevitable happened, Erbo had to run and get repaired and they turned all guns and missiles on me.  I was holding out well while waiting for Erbo to get back from being repaired, armor tank was holding, but as he was just getting ready to warp back to me, it broke and they were getting into my structure.

I’d already lost one drone and I had just started recalling them and getting ready to warp out as Erbo was telling me to get out, my structure was still good, but then just as the drones were in their bay, and I was just starting to warp out, my ship exploded around me and it was just my pod and me, and I watched as the explosion happened, it was so sureal and yet I knew deadly and if I didn’t get out of there fast the pod could go next.

The pod was shaking and rattling as the ship structure around it was evaporating around me, I could hear the sound of the middle tearing apart and the safety wires that held the pod in place popping as it was being released from the wreck.  I warped out fast after that and had to fly all the way to HQ in my pod. I’ll have to have Erbo speak up on his end to see what he’d seen happen since he had a ring side seat to Mystic Nightmare going to hell in a hand bag.

[.. silence briefly as Selenalore takes a drink of some liquid, what type no one knows and then she speaks again ..]

I made it back to HQ and was a little shakin’ up, and sat there for a little while in silence thinking of what had happened and the lose of my ship, but then hell, the insurance made my wallet a little thicker.  I finally got my thoughts together, just as Erbo was entering HQ, not far behind me I don’t think, I wasn’t paying attention to how long it was, cause I was too shook up over what had just happened and had been thankful to make it out of there alive.

I finally cleared my thoughts and opened the corp hangar and went into the corp ships, I winced as I took the last Myrmidon hull out of the hangar and got it set up in my ships hangar and had made it active.  I sat quietly as my pod set in the new ship hull, and as it settled I brought up the fittings, and as I was just getting ready to start refitting the new hull, my anger started simmering and by the time we got my new ship,  Mystic Nightmare II,  fitted, even after the help of our friend Tony, and we had to buy some specific armor hardeners to fit on this ship, then what I had on the other one, my temper was boiling, and I was cussing up a storm and seeing red and was thinking to myself or was I actually speaking this stuff and don’t recall, those sons of bitches are going to pay for fucking up Mystic Nightmare I.


A picture of the new and IMPROVED Mystic Nightmare II is to the left, yes it looks the same as the old but the improvement on it, is now that I use not only the medium armor repairer I again, but also to help the tanking I’m using Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive hardener Is and it helps a lot.

I got my new ship insured and got ready to head back after that spiced wine cargo come hell or high water, but before we could head out, had to wait for Erbo to fit out his ship with the new hardeners to his as well to help.  Once done, we called into the docking stations radio tower and asked permission to depart from the station, and they gave us the all clear and wished us the best of luck and off we went.

I was still highly agitated and upset and pissed, and I was still swearing as we went back to the location where I lost my ship to finish this mission and get it put behind us.  We jumped through the gate of Rumida and then into the dead space where the warehouse was, and we noted all the ships that were still there and waiting for us, but this time, the ball was in our court and we were better prepared.  We took down the two ships that were jamming us first, and then after they went boom, all other ships were engaged and taken down one by one. During this entire battle I was cussing and swearing and cursing the Serpentis.

Yes during this final battle, they were able to get into my armor, but the new setup worked perfectly and they could hardly do much more damage and we finished off the Serpentis nightmares, and as the last ship went boom, I said, “I told you, you motherfuckers messed with the wrong bitch”.  Basically be careful if you ever blow up a woman’s ship, you better expect that female to come back in a bigger and better ship to blow your ass into space dust and chew up your floating dead corpse as well.

I finally calmed down and started laughing, but then I made my way towards what was left of the Mystic Nightmare I.  I went quiet, and you could almost hear a pin drop over the airwaves of the comm channel.  I tractor beamed my wreck to me, and held my breath as I opened up my cargo hold of my old wreck, and to my surprise I had a hell of a lot of stuff that hadn’t gotten blown up or destroyed.  Amongst my ships remains in the drone bay were 14 of my hammerhead II drones, and I let out a scream and whoop over the comm channel.  Erbo’s poor ears will never be the same, and he asked what what what, and I told him what I had found resting snuggling in my old ships wreck, and he couldn’t believe it.

Apparently the armor and structure that was around the drones kept them safe from being more destroyed then they already were. Amongst what I could salvage from my ship were a gun, tractor beam, salvager and a number of my other things, but there were some that were lost for good.  I lost one drone and a few other things, but the biggest thing was that 14 of my 15 drones survived and I was able to load them up in the Mystic Nightmare II‘s cargo, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to salvage the wreck, so I let Erbo do it.  I had just enough room left to get the spiced wine that I’d come here in the first place to get that had caused me my first ship, a myrm at that.

After that, Erbo was left to salvage all the other wrecks out there that we had littered the space with, and then after the salvaging was done we returned to Assiad 6-4 and unloaded and I turned in the missions, we didn’t get the time bonus but hell I ain’t bitching, I’m just happy I was able to salvage so much from my old ship and stuff that I could have cared less.

[.. more silence and some more papers rustling and being stacked can be heard.  Selenalore speaks again ..]

Well that’s all I can tell you about what happened, and the feeling of redemption on destroying the bastards who destroyed my ship was just totally awesome.  I felt that I’ve been paid back by the Serpantis for the loss, since I found so much of my stuff survived.  [.. soft laughter can be heard ..] Well it’s time for me to stop the recording for now, but I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of my adventures  of both wins and losses from time to time.  Clear skies all and be safe out there in space, for noone is safe from the ravages of war and loss.

[.. recording stops ..]


7 Responses to “The Demise of Mystic Nightmare I”

  1. [raises his glass in a toast to MN I]

    Madam, should you require assistance in the future you only have to open comms and I shall ride forward on my jet black steed, Sequoia III to assist.

    [OOC] Love the way this is written, and I am a big fan of scene setting. You do it in brackets, I do it in short stops. Either way, works well on shorts.

  2. selenalore Says:

    I thank you very very much kind sir.

    If we will ever need help, we shall give a yell :).

    Oh and you’ve been set blue by me as well 🙂


  3. Your corp is blue to mine so if you ever head to Solitude we shall be on call for assistance too.

  4. selenalore Says:

    Cool :). If we come that way, we’ll give a yell :).

  5. I am just loving the format of these blogs. Tell Erbo to get on it.

    Good luck with MN II!

  6. selenalore Says:


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