Return of the wanted

The darkness groaned and warped as small alarms blared alerting all within that the small station had various hull breaches. Lost in the dark recesses of space, a small safe haven for a corporation…once. Now its orbit long since lost as it turned end over end throughout the system. Never in the same place twice as it’s failed systems flickered and died.

 Inside bodies floated in the Zero G, long since dead as their blood floated round in little globules, some splashed on the bulkheads in their travel. One room was still locked, those that had wrote these scenes of death never making it past the secure bulkhead. Behind the bulkhead a lone cylinder was still lit in pale blue, highlighting the lone occupant within.


The console screen beside the cylinder flickered as the last of the power was fading away. In doing so the emergency systems kicked in, in one last-ditch attempt to save the occupant it was programmed to keep alive.







The cylinder snapped and hissed as the gel fluid was jettisoned into space, the gel once distorting the identity of the individual inside, drained to reveal a naked female. She floated in the cylinder thanks to the lack of gravity before the glass front opened and she floated out into the red hue of emergency lighting. Naked, covered in goo…and extremely pissed off.


“Fuck, its cold! Hey!  What the hell happened to the gravity..and the lights for that matter!” the female called out, voice broken from lack of use.


She looked around, grumbling to herself about never coming here again as she located her footlocker. Pulling out a towel she wiped of the slime best she could before donning her clothes. The black jeans, black t-shirt and a black leather jacket gave her some warmth. The symbol on the back of the jacket long since faded. But the word SOLUS could be vaguely seen.  She floated over to the console, typing in some commands to find the station status. But this terminal was being stubborn and telling her to have a nice day.


Making it to the sealed bulkhead she entered her pass code and hauled on the door. To be met with the glazed eyes of one of the nurses as she floated past.


“Crap…….this can’t be good…typical.” Swimming and pushing herself down the hallway she could see the remains of gunfire and impacts on the walls.


Here and there were bodies that were not clothed in the white coats of the medical staff. They wore old, dirty jackets, skull and cross bones proudly displayed. Pirates.  She swore blue murder as she increased her speed to what was left of the hanger bay. If they had taken her Hurricane she would not be happy.


She let out a sigh of relief as her rust bucket sat there covered in dust. They might have scratched her up. But the beauty of Mimartar ships is you would never be able to tell. She entered her pass code into the outer lock of her ship.




She placed her palm on the pad by the lock and waited as the light scanned her hand. The dust was thick on the ship and she idly wondered how long she had been in stasis. Longer than she intended by the looks of it.




With a snap/hiss the ships bulkhead rose to give her entry to her ship. The interior lights flickering on as the ship powered up. She walked to the command deck making sure the escape pod was intact and ready for use.


Orlith sighed in contentment as she sat in the pilot’s chair. Oh how she loved this. Looking at the controls she powered up her system and disengaged the hanger arms that held her ship in place.


“Ah…..hanger door….oh hell sod it”


240mm howitzers online…..Targeting……Target locked


Half the side of the hanger blew out as her howitzers made a nice hole in the structure. Easing her hurricane forward, she headed for the opening with a big smile on her face. Easy. This was however interrupted as she got stuck in the hole with a groan and screech of metal.


“Bugger…..oh well” Orlith pushed the ship to full throttle and popped out of the whole with little effort except for the scratch running down the ship “ one will notice”


Looking back at the medical station she could see it must have taken quite a pounding as air vented from various places of the hull. Whoever had attack must have been stupid though to miss her prime Hurricane sat there. But their loss, her life.  Setting course for the nearest system that had a good station she set the ship on autopilot. Seems her destination was Assiad system.


Bringing up her mail file she looked through the various messages. Laughing at the one from the rival corp., and the reason she had gone into stasis in the first place.


2006.03.20 13:00


We at HINQ have realized over hours of deliberation and deep discussion that as a Merc Corp we are missing the 1 most important thing. You see, we need a strong sense of passion for what we do.

We need someone to tend to our wounds from battle. We need something or someone to fight for. The ISK that the jobs pay just isn’t fulfilling enough anymore. We came to the decision that we need a woman. A real woman. Full of passion and love for what we do. We searched all over the universe. Scoured corporations, alliances,

and the like. And finally, after what seems to be forever, we’ve finally found her. And we’re taking her no matter the cost.

Yes, you may think we are nuts, you may think we are clinically insane. But we are set in this and it’s going to happen. Therefore, Holy Inquisition declares war on Solus Conglomerate; we have one demand and one demand only. We will not stray from this resolve. Deliver us Orlith. 24 hours after Orlith has joined HINQ the war and your torment will be over. She is our queen. And we want her. We give you

24 hours to think it over before we declare war.


“Idiots. Wonder if any of them are left”


Clicking a few keys she bought up her old corp., seeing it had long gone. Oh well. Seems it was time to search for a new corp. to work for. Docking at Assiad III she put her ship up for a service and disembarked to the bustle of the station. Strange to be in Amarr space again. But needs must even for a Mimartar.  Orlith headed to the corporation offices and trawled through the names. Trying to decided which corporation would best suit her. When the sound of arguing caught her attention.


“Wasn’t my fault honey! I didn’t know that the Amarr round here were so set on the status of their pilots” the woman complained to the man that was walking by her side. Both had black jackets on with Ralpha Dogs Inc. emblazoned on the back.


“You chose here Selena. Now what are we going to do? I can’t afford to move the offices again” the males voice was deep and rich, reminding Orlith or a music DJ from her home world in Rens.


“You Just have to know how to handle the Amarr” Orlith said as she approached them, handing the two an application for the Ralpha dogs…




4 Responses to “Return of the wanted”

  1. Wow I must say I like this very much! Looking forward for more posts by you!

    Hehe, and Selena and Erbo having “discussions” aren’t unusual I guess 🙂

    Sorry I didn’t play for long guys, but I had more business to do up in the State so I took off.

    Safe flyings!

  2. I bow in the dust. That was beautiful! Jeff himself couldn’t have set the scene better.

    This is gonna be fun. 🙂

  3. selenalore Says:


  4. Wow I like this!

    Keep this coming please O!

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