Missions and More Missions

[… speaks and the computer recorder kicks on and starts recording the voice of  Selenalore …]

“Eve Log – date 2009.02.11 – Year 106 of New Eden”

[… as Selenalore starts to speak, you can hear old music of Paula Abdul in the background …]

I know it’s been a while since I’ve recorded anything, but there’s a reason for that. [.. laughs softly ..]

We’ve been doing missions for both Caldari and Amarr recently, to help get our standings up with them so that we don’t wind up getting shot out of the sky in Amarr space where our HQ is located now.  We’ve been going through a number of Amarr Corporations and one Caldari Corporation.

Of the Amarr, we’ve been doing missions for the Tash-Murkon family, and just recently started doing missions for the Amarr Navy Logistics Corp., and as for the Caldari, we’ve been doing some missions for the CBD and the KK Corps.  Once we had our diplomacy up to a five, we were finally able to start doing the missions for the Amarr.

[… there’s a brief silence with Paula playing in the background as Selenalore moves around …]

The missions we understand are repeated, but there were some new ones we hadn’t done, and we’d been sticking to administration missions and such, and eventually we moved on to legal and finally to command.  The command missions I like better, I don’t know about Erbo though, you’ll have to find out from him. [.. laughs softly again ..]

Anyways, there isn’t much I can talk about since there isn’t much we’ve been doing, except missions and training.  I’m now able to fly Retrievers, and I’m now training to be able to fly a Hulk.  The training is going slow, but it’s better then doing nothing else.  I’ll eventually be getting into the training for the Orca, and such.

Anyways, that’s all from me for now, and I hope all have a wonderful time.  I’ll be around again and will start working on more recordings eventually.  Take care and clear skies everyone. [… sounds of Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” is heard and then silence and the recording stops …]


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