Real Money Dealings

One of the ways I help out the Ralpha Dogs’ corporate finances, as well as my own, is by buying EVE Game Time Codes, for money, and reselling them in EVE, for ISK.  Some may consider this “cheating,” but CCP clearly doesn’t, directly supporting it through the Secure Time Code Exchange facility of the Web site, and, more recently, through the PLEX 30-day license objects in-game.  Doing it this way, no one gets cheated, and everyone gets fair value for value received, including CCP.

I’ve dealt on the open market, including using the PLEX system (which works well enough), but my main customers are members of the Hauling Hogs, a corp with which we’ve been friendly all our existence.  I sell to them at a discount from market rates; it benefits both them and us.  Besides, Shuckstar, the CEO of the Hogs, is nice to us in a bunch of other ways.  If we ever found an alliance, it’ll be our two corps at the core of it; neither I nor Lexx would have it any other way.

My GTC supplier is, one of the big GTC sellers out there.  I tried another company first, but they balked at approving my initial order.  The EVETimeCode people have never failed me, not even the first time.  Recommended to anyone who needs GTCs.

Different MMO environments have different attitudes towards real-money trading.  Some, like EverQuest and World of Warcraft, flatly ban it and stomp on it whereever it occurs.  At the other end of the spectrum, Linden Dollars from Second Life have pretty much always been freely convertible to and from real-world currency.  CCP has taken a middle-of-the-road approach here that works out pretty well for everyone.  Oh, it’s a truism that “every general prohibition creates its bootleggers,” and there are any number of people that sell MMO items and currencies outside the rules, including in EVE; cruise through any major trade hub while the ISK-selling spammers are out in force to see for yourself.  Me, I jump for the “Block” command whenever I see one of those guys.

If you’ve got the money, GTC dealing can be an effective way to finance your corp’s, or your personal, operations in EVE.  Happy trading!


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