EVE is Down…

And poor Selenalore is at a loss for what to do with herself. 🙂

So, while we wait, have a look at this rough cut of the new intro movie that will be in the EVE client as of Apocrypha, which is made out of 100% Pure Grade-A Certified Mil-Spec AWESOME:

Two words: Boo. Yah.


3 Responses to “EVE is Down…”

  1. selenalore Says:

    LMAO. I watched the Clear Skies thingy that was out and dealt with Eve Online ;).

  2. I kinda like the intro, though every time I see it I always chuckle at the line “the most powerful machines ever built” then a Rifter drifts into shot. Now I LOVE my Rifters, but its not what id call the most powerful machine ever built in New Eden 🙂

    Love that eye too.

  3. selenalore Says:

    LMAO! That thing had me laughing my ass off through the entire thing 🙂

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