Wild-Assed Rumor of The Day

The following rumor is unsubstantiated, and may be about as shaky as a Minmatar frigate.  You have been warned.

So, I get on Twitter this morning, and something odd shows up directed to me, from someone I know through Second Life:

“Rumors of Square Enix buying out CCP and EVE Online floating here and there. This will result in WAAAARK Drive Active.”

Now, my first reaction to this, as well as my second, could best be described as “WTF?”  Square Enix, for those of you that don’t know, is a Japanese company most noted for the Final Fantasy series of console games.  I don’t see a really good fit for them and CCP.

Besides which, I see from this interview from Gamasutra (via Massively.com) that CCP is actually doing pretty darned well these days.  They’re one of the few Icelandic companies that’re hiring, probably because they bring in plenty of revenue denominated in US dollars and Euros, not RL ISK.  (Aside: There’s a persistent joke that soon the EVE Online ISK will be worth more than the real-life ISK…)  And here they are, about to launch a major new expansion with a boxed-product install disc hitting the stores (which Selena and I plan on buying, incidentally), and other things like Walking in Stations and the eventual World of Darkness MMORPG in the pipeline…why would they sell out, right at what may be a moment of triumph?

Well, my source even admits the rumors are “Probably false ones formented to make thousands of capsuleers foul their waters. Imagine hearing that at every jump. with Choccobo.” And a Google search for “CCP Square Enix” reveals nothing about this rumor (although this article mentions that Square Enix is looking to acquire Eidos, makers of the Tomb Raider games, and CCP does get briefly mentioned in that article).  Which makes me think perhaps my head is being messed with…but I’m tossing this one out there anyway.  Any other pilots heard anything about these rumors?


2 Responses to “Wild-Assed Rumor of The Day”

  1. Honest! That’s not a rumor…. it’s something I heard!


  2. selenalore Says:

    Geeze we hope it ain’t true.

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