My God, It’s Full of Stars!

This evening, I became the first of the Ralpha Dogs to discover an unstable wormhole…and in our very home system of Assiad, yet:

Discovery of Wormhole K162

Using one of my scout Tristan frigates, Longs Peak, equipped with a Core Probe Launcher,  I managed to run down Wormhole K162 in about 25 minutes.

At the end of its lifetime?  Scary!

At the end of its lifetime? Scary!

Did I go in?  Aw, hell no! I may be daring but I ain’t crazy! 🙂

The objective here, anyhow, was to see if I could understand how to use the new scan probe system.  I think I got it figured out.


8 Responses to “My God, It’s Full of Stars!”

  1. Well done mate 😀

  2. wow, pretty sparkly…I know, lets throw my ex in, HE can explore it for us!!! (looks hopefully at Erbo)

  3. Ah! We have a volunteer nominated! 🙂

  4. selenalore Says:

    Hehe 🙂

  5. Shuckstar Says:

    Gratz m8

  6. it might be scary to enter a wormhole in a fragile ship like that, the good thing though is that even if the enter WH closes behind you, there is always an exit one, but it might be terribly hard to find 😦

  7. Kilo Gram Says:

    Wormholes may be scary, but they’re not that dangerous unless you happen to find one with pirates on the other side (which is not very common in my experience). Reaching the end of it’s natural lifetime generally means that it’ll last for a few hours. The only wormholes that’ll literally close right behind you are the ones that read “on the verge of dissipating into the ether” in which they have less than a hour of existance…

    Wormholes are fun you should try them out. 🙂

  8. Well, Kilo, actually we did, as some of the later entries on this blog will tell you. God willing, once we’ve got our accounts back up and running, we will do so again…

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