Two Women, Two Decisions

Sehmy system, Kor-Azor region:

Zephira Najam, candidate capsuleer, would soon be graduating from her classes at Hedion University, and she was eager to get her start in the world.  Soon, she’d be signing with a corporation, agreeing to work with them in exchange for her own advancement and enrichment.

She wasn’t anxious to fly for the Amarr Navy, or for pretty much any other Amarr corporation, for that matter.  Her parents were Liberal Holders, and they treated their slaves well, but she’d come to a far different conclusion:  Slavery was wrong, and the Amarr were wrong to profit by it.  She supposed her father would disown her if he ever found out, but that was the only conclusion she could come to.  The recent announcement by Empress Jamyl I (long may she reign!) freeing all ninth-generation and older slaves she took as a sign that the very Empire itself might have started to “see the light.”

Her eyes perused the list of corporations headquartered in Tash-Murkon, her family’s longtime home.  It would be nice to be close by; it would make it easier for her to visit.  Surely, her younger siblings would…

A name caught her eye: “Ralpha Dogs Inc.”  Curious, she examined the available information about this organization.  Headquartered in Amarr space, but founded in Minmatar space…and its CEO, founder, and top management were all Gallente.  A curious organization…and yet one not without a certain appeal.  She went on to examine the recent news of the company.  The way they worked together, the obvious respect and intelligence she saw…the more she read, the more she found to like.

Wouldn’t that just drive Daddy wild, she thought.  Not to mention my classmates, the conservative, amoral boors.  If I’m to be damned, then ’tis best I be damned for what I really am.

She resolved to make the journey to Assiad as soon as she was able.

. . .

Ammold system, Heimatar region:

Half a galaxy away, Cecielia Edgeworth also considered her options.  Like Zephira, though she knew nothing of her, she was about to graduate and become a capsuleer, one of the immortal elite of New Eden.  Unlike Zephira, she felt anxious about making the choice.  She’d nearly decided to join the Minmatar militia, fighting to bring down the Amarr and free her brethren from slavery.

She idly perused one of the galactic news feeds, looking for news of the factional conflict, when a recently-posted item caught her eye…especially the name on its byline.

Cecielia had grown up with her parents on the fringes of Minmatar space, close to the Great Wildlands of the Thukker tribe. She had believed herself to be an only child…but her family’s name was not common in New Eden; that someone else could bear that name was too much of a coincidence.

She needed answers–and the path to those answers was clear.  And that path would begin not far away, in Vilur system, where the Ralpha Dogs still maintained offices.

She opened a communication channel to the Ralpha Dogs, eager to learn more.  Perhaps one of their “Abbots” could tell her something.

. . .

Assiad system, Tash-Murkon region:

The applications came through the mail, as was usual.  After due consideration, Erbo, in his capacity as Abbot, was pleased to approve them both.  The Ralpha Dogs had been seeing an uptick of interest recently, and he hoped this could translate into better and farther-reaching operations.  Lexx would be pleased, he was sure.

There would be busy times ahead.


2 Responses to “Two Women, Two Decisions”

  1. To to to sorry about the very late read, but what a wonderful read!

    Now to clear out some confusion in my head, which one is Selena’s alt?

    Greet stuff.

  2. Tony: The one that isn’t an Edgeworth. The one that is would be Val’s. 🙂

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