You Load 16 Tons, What Do You Get

The Janne Wirman, in the foreground, supervises a Ralpha Dogs mining operation.

The Janne Wirman, in the foreground, supervises a Ralpha Dogs mining operation.

Over the last few days, we’ve been getting some relief from the grind of missions with some mining.  We have another large mineral order to fulfill, and it’s great to see so many of our newer members step up to the plate.  Of course, I handle the logistics from our Orca, the ΡΑΔ Janne Wirman, and give out the mining bonuses, while other people mine…in barges if they, like Selena, can swing it, in whatever they have if not.

Last night, Valorna was using a Thorax she’d fitted for mining.  Of course, a Vexor gives better mining bonuses for Gallente cruisers, and has a bigger cargo hold besides.  So, when I had to duck back to empty my cargo hold, I tossed together a Vexor mining build from a hull and parts we had at HQ, insured it on the corporate account, and threw it in the Wirman‘s ship maintenance bay.  When I got back out, Val stashed her Thorax there and took out the newly-christened Indomitable.  At the same time, I fetched out some veldspar crystals for Selena, who was able to grab them from the corporate hangars.  Then, on my next run in, I repackaged Val’s old Thorax and dropped off the parts.  That Orca is the best thing for a mining operation since I developed Gold Brick.

Meanwhile, another person is exploring having us sell him POS fuel, which requires ice mining.  Only a couple of us can do it, so Lexx brought her Mackinaw, Time Killer, from Ogoten out to Assiad, and I put one together, the Tourmaline Queen, based on her fit.  Of course, someone else is gonna have to haul for us if I’m running the ice harvesters…Valorna is training up Gallente Industrial to help that effort.

Busy times ahead…especially for me; I’ve been as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, trying to keep all the balls in the air.


4 Responses to “You Load 16 Tons, What Do You Get”

  1. Hehe, how much orders do you have to fill?

  2. Busy man keeps naughty man at bay 😀

  3. selenalore Says:

    Well mineral wise it’s just you Tony, but ice wise, we’ve got to eventually get around to mining some ice and stuff like that for biomassed/maestro :).

    We are trying to get your order done right now Tony.

  4. Yay! Me have more importance over BM!

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