The Ties That Bind Part 2

Valorna was in trouble, she was lost, deep in lowsec, and she didn’t have the Ralpha Dogs to back her up this time. She was hidden deep in an asteroid field but there were pirates everywhere, it was only a matter of time before they found her.
“Gods help me, if they find me and figure out who I am I’ll be a slave myself, and then it’ll be me needing rescuing!” she said in a high, panicky voice. “Wait a sec, what the hell? Where are they going?” she asked herself. Sure enough all those pirates were heading off to the gate and jumping one by one.

“Thank the Gods! They’ve given up, guess I’m not such easy prey for those assholes after all!” she chortled. “Now to check with my scanners, just to be sure, it’s like Erbo said, it’s not good enough to see what’s in front of your face, you gotta watch your six too!”

The scanners confirming that she was all alone, she extended the scan to search for life forms, a very specific life form, one that had both Gallente AND Minmatar dna. “Come on daddy, I know your out there, talk to me!” she murmured.

Suddenly, she got a hit, SEVERAL hits, about 68 KM away. “It looks like a small colony, but either he’s there, or there is someone else in my Daddy’s situation, I have to find out!”

to be continued


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