The Ties That Bind Part 3

Valorna was uncomfortable.  It seems like she’d been crouched there under the bushes for hours, watching the activity in the village, waiting for some sign of her father.  It was funny, so far all she’d seen were women and children.

“Where are all the men?” she mumbled under her breath.  “This just isn’t right, there has got to be something I’m missing”  she whispered to herself.

Suddenly she felt something small and hard press into her back, “Looks like we have a pretty little spy here…” a rough  voice said.   “Stand up, slowly, and turn around, no funny business or you’re dead, understand?” a second voice, harsh and demanding questioned.

Nodding her head, not trusting her voice Valorna slowly stood and turned around to face her captors, gazing at them in shock she saw two tall handsome men.  One looked to be in his early 20’s maybe just a couple years younger than herself, the other though, him she knew….”Jacob?”  she whispered, not trusting, or believing her eyes.

Zachary Edgeworth looked from his father to the strange young woman, not understanding for the world what the hell was going on.  He sure as hell never heard his father speak of a daughter, in fact, his father never spoke of his past at all.  He knew nothing of his father from before he came to the village.

“Dad, who the hell is this girl, and how does she know your name?”  Zachary demanded.  “Valorna, is it really you?  I can’t believe it!  VALORNA!”  Thomas cried dropping his gun and swinging her up in his arms.  “Zach, put the gun down, this is your cousin!  It really is!”  Thomas cried joyfully.

Zachary lowered his gun slowly, in shock.  “My cousin?  Dad, are you sure?”

“Oh, I’m sure, and I know someone who’s going to be very eager to see her too.”  he said.  “Valorna, come with us to the village, there is someone there that you really need to see, she can tell you about your father.”

Valorna bent down to pick up her day pack, binnoculars and canteen, hoisting her pack, she gazed curiously at her cousin, “So your Zachary huh?  The last time I saw you you were just a toddler, I guess you don’t remember me do you?”  she said sadly.  “I’ve been looking for my father for so long now, I never expected to find you and Uncle Jacob though.”

As they walked down the long winding path to the village, Valorna told her uncle and cousin of her life, about the Ralpha Dogs, her schooling, and her search for her father.  As the village came into view, Valorna grew quiet, knowing her journey may finally be coming to a close.  Stopping in front of a modest house Jacob looked at Valorna “This is the house of Enid, our village doctor…and your fathers wife”  he knocked on the door and waited.  As the door opened Valorna saw a lovely kind looking woman around 45 years of age.

“Jacob!  What brings you here today?  Is someone hurt?”  She asked only then noticing Valorna “Oh my, and who is this lovely girl?  Zachary, have you found a new friend?” she asked playfully.  “Enid, this is Valorna”  Jacob said simply.

“Valorna?  You mean this is Vhann’s daughter?  Were you seen by anyone?  Come in girl, and hurry!” she cried.  “You two know what to do” she whispered in a small frightened voice as she shut the door behind her and Valorna.

“Come sit with me child, we have little time and alot to discuss.  You’re in very grave danger as long as you stay here, so we must work quickly!” she said urgently.



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