Zephira Najam – ΡΑΔ Pilot

Zephira Najam

Zephira Najam

Zephira Najam was born on Assiad III, which is very much an Earth like or Gian planet. Her parents are Abadi and Karima Najam. They came from the Amarrian ancestry, but her ancestry wasn’t of the religious ones, but of the Liberal Holders.

Her family is of the Liberal Holders, which is of the Tash-Murkon family, but very much no where near being close too the throne of the Amarr Empire. Yes most Liberal Holders have rejected the traditions of the Amarr Empire, though some still own slaves, but take much better care of them.

Zephira’s family never owned any slaves, so there for they were at times thought of as traitors, but then they’d have too think most of the Liberal Holders were, until the empress declared freedom for 9th gen and up were free, so now back to Zephira’s life who will soon be called Zeph before this story ends.

Zephira was raised on Assiad III. Her family were wealthy and had made politics, social and trading their way of making their living and their wealth.

Zeph was given the best of schooling, and she would be given whatever she wanted without a word, but she was a very strong and independent young woman, and never let herself become spoiled and pampered like her other siblings. She was one of 6 children and the baby to boot.

Zeph at a very young age had made up her mind to become one of the few elite people out there. She had decided upon her graduation too become a capsuleer, so she worked double hard on keeping grades up and graduating from high school.

Zeph graduated from high school and was accepted into Hedion University and their capsuleer program. She even made it through the surgery that would make her able to deal with being a capsuleer. She trained into mining and industry, and upon her graduation, she sought out a corporation that had similar ideas and standings to her own.

Upon her return home to Assiad III after her graduation from Hedion University; Zeph went digging through the bulletins and ads, and she spotted the Ralpha Dogs Corporation, and done some research on them, and the more she read, the more she liked, and so with her mind made up, she finished her reading and headed too their HQ, which surprisingly enough was based at Assiad III, in the station that is near her home planet, so she was close too her family and home.


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