Selenalore – Ralpha Dog Pilot and Security

Selenalore Evans

Selenalore Evans

Selenalore Chaise was born to Aymon and Damica Chaise, and of the Gallente Nation. Sadly Damica died not long after giving birth to Selena. She was raised in the Verge Vender region in the little backwoods area called Masalle. It’s a small out of the way system, where it being close to null sec and a few low sec territories, you could watch the sky from the plant as it glowed in a firework of colors as people battled for control.

Aymon was devastated after the lose of his beloved wife, Damica, but was determined to continue on with his life. After all, he had a beautiful baby girl to take care of and raise, and she defiantly had many of her mother’s finer qualities and looks, but little did he know that Selena would grow up too become more like him in so many ways, but defiantly not like either him or Damica as well.

Masalle had many fights due too th conflict between pirates, anti-pirates, Concord and many different corporations, and the reason behind the fights in space, is because Masalle leads to 0.0 or null sec area of Verge Vendor, so yes the conflicts were always happening.

The conflicts are so avade at times, that what you think are bright twinkling stars when you look up in the night sky, aren’t what they seem to be. It’s a battle being fought over the space above you.

Selena’s father works at Cistuvaert and always leaves out on Sundays, and catches the last interbus that goes to the college, and he remains there for the whole week to work, and only comes home on the weekends, since Selena is now old enough to watch over herself, with an occasional aunt or uncle or some other family member to check in on her. She can also keep in contact with her father via video communications.

Aymon knew that Selena done all her school work and then went out and mined with some of the family members and once she was done; she would head off and take out a few pirates and such.

Aymon already knows that Selena will most likely become one of the few and proud capsuleers out there. It defiantly runs in her blood, and her knows that once she is of age, she will head too Cistuvaert and begin the final leg of her destiny. He was most defiantly proud of Selena and will be forever more.

Selena at the age of 17 did just what her father knew she would. She graduated near the top of her high school class, and just before her graduation; she had sent in her application to Cistuvaert too become a capsuleer.

Many of her classmates laughed at the idea, cause too their knowledge, a girl wouldn’t be able too make it, since only those few are of the elite, and that it was very hard to get accepted. She proved them very wrong.

On the day of Selena’s graduation, an official looking letter arrived at the school, and a message that special guests would be at the graduation that year. The school officials were very excited about what was happening.

They were all curious about the letter, but were told that they could not open it, and only the guest of honor could. They all stuck too the plans.

Graduation time and everyone filed in and took their assigned seats for the calling of the graduates. A number of people were sitting upon the state with the podium and lets the valedictorian of the graduating class and do their speeches.

They finished and sat back down and started naming off each name, and each graduate walked across the stage accepting their diplomas and after the last name was called; all were told too please stand and welcome the head of the University of Cistuvaert. Everyone went quiet and watched in awe of the distinguished looking gentleman took the podium and looked out at all from graduate students to the audience.

Many of Selena’s classmates stood proud for some had picked Cistuvaert to finish their higher education. Cistuvaert didn’t just have the capsuleer program, but other programs and training as well. Selena herself had sent in an application, but the only person who knew had been her own father. Selena smiles mostly to herself in a secret way as she watches and waits for the announcements.

Selena watched as the man opened up some letters and called out the names, and those that were called stepped up and accepted their letters of acceptance and handshake from the president of Cistuvaert University.

There was one letter left, and another person came forward and took the podium, and the letter. Everyone couldn’t believe it, but the person who took the letter and opened it, was the head of the most elite area of the University. The person was head of the capsuleer program. He opened the letter, and looked around and then called out Selenalore Chaise to please come forward and accept her letter of acceptance.

Selena couldn’t believe it, but her dream just came true. She heard the gasps, and all eyes turn her way. She smiles proudly and happily, and started too walk forward, and as she did it was like the seas of her classmates parted and separated too let her through. She go many congrats from a lot of her classmates and also some very envious looks.

Selena stepped up onto the stage, and walked over and accepted her letter, and the medal or pin of the capsuleer class and course. She was congratulated by all of the staff of the school and the university. She then turned around and with a cheer, threw her graduation hat in the air, soon followed by the other seniors.

Selena found her hat and picked it up, and made her way through the crowd, and to her dad. She gave him a big hug and says, “Thank you for believing in me, and my decisions. I love you dad.” and she gives him a bright smile and places a kiss on both his cheeks.

Aymon smiled through his tears of joy, and returned the hug and kisses and says, “You’ll make a fine capsuleer. You have found your destiny. I love you very much my daughter.” Then both Selena and her father made it through the celebrating crowd admist congrats and good luck and then headed home.

Selena started her classes at Cistuvaert, and kept up with everyone there. She enjoyed the learning and the training. She would keep up her hard work and only going home on the weekends with her father, if even then they went home instead of staying at Cistuvaert. She was becoming one of the top notch capsuleers that were trained and taught by the best, too be the best.

It’s just a few days before her graduation from Cistuvaert, and she was walking down the hallway on her way too lunch, and she was so busy listening and singing quietly too one of her favorite singers and song from the old home world, Earth, that she wasn’t paying attention too those around here. She bumped into someone and accidentally knocked them down.

Selena gasped and stopped and turned. She turned off her music and reached down with her one hand too help the person up, and apologized deeply too him. Little did she know that she had just met her true destiny of life and love. She gives a smile and says, “I’m soo sorry for knocking you down. I was listening too one of my favorite groups of old Earth and wasn’t paying attention.” The rather striking gentleman said it wasn’t her fault for he hadn’t been paying attention himself. Then he gave the name of the group he had been listening too and both of them blinked in surprise too learn that they both had been listening too the same group.

Selena introduces herself to the gentleman, and he introduced himself as Erbo Evans. Selena smiled rather shyly and told him it was a pleasure too meet him. Erbo invited her too lunch and she said yes. She walked with him towards the cafeteria arm in arm and enjoyed lunch with him.

They soon learned they had more in common then most had in common, and that lunch turned into dinner and that lead deep into the night where neither got much sleep. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Selena laughs softly.

The next day, Selena introduced Erbo too her father, and it seems the two also had a great many things in common with each other and fast became friends. All three of them sat down too a home cooked meal made by Selena and talked about this and that. The talk went into the night, and Selena that night said that she would become a member of the Ralpha Dogs upon her graduation the next day.

Selena’s father couldn’t have been more proud of his truly blessed childed, and gave his approval to EVERYTHING, including the marriage of Selena to Erbo, and as we say the rest is history.

Selena is the Sicaria and head of security of the ΡΑΔ – The Ralpha Dogs, as well as one of the 3 Abbots of the corporation. She is also one of the many miners as well as one of the protectors when she isn’t mining. She has been a member of the Ralpha Dogs for almost a year now, and she and Erbo are still married and their love going strong.


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