Selenalore – Office Work

Selenalore sits at her desk going through the paperwork that has piled up.  Erbo is out and about working on scanning areas for cosmic or space anomalies, while she sits here and does paperwork, including paying the office bills and going through the corps inventory.

She sighs, and knows she should get out there and do the same, but she just doesn’t have the patients for scanning like Erbo does.  She has always got to be active as in guarding and killing things.  That’s just her forte.

She can’t help being bred too protect and kill where necessary.  She can mine and haul too, but she’d whether take on enemies more then anything.  She stares at a photo of her father, as well as one that has her, Erbo and her father, on her graduation day.  She smiles as she remembers the times when she and her father would get out and do a few things.

She misses her dad though, as she continues too look at the photo of herself, Erbo and her father.  She smiles and thinks too herself maybe she’ll be able too talk Erbo into going too see dad sometime this year.  It’ll be nice she thought too herself.

Anyways, with a smile, she gets back to dealing with the paperwork, and knows to be ready for when Erbo calls up the troops too take on any space or cosmic anomalies are found by his scanning, so she settles in to catch up on work and sings to some of the old music of old Earth, letting her mind relax and enjoy.


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