Zeph – Mining Away

Zephira sits in her ship, Zaira Jauhera, mining away at the belt of rich roids from pyro to kernite and more.  She’s listening to some music as she sits there reading as she mines.  The music she’s listening too isn’t quiet Amarrian, but it still has that Gregorian, and yes even some rock as she bobs her head and sings to the music.

She and the Ralpha Dogs are usually fleeted up and doing the mining, while one of the abbots is in his Orca and the other stands guard usually in her myrmidon or one of her battleships.  She feels pride flow through her as a big smile makes its way across her well sculpted features.

She continues to sing quietly too herself as she keeps an eye on her cargo area, and cargo container, while at the same time on her training, and on her screen to keep watch for red dots to show up.  She makes sure her drones are out and about to help with some of the protection of her ship and cargo.

Right now Zeph is in the process of learning refinery 4, so that she can train up the rest or most of her roid reprocessing, too be able too use the crystals in her strip miners.  She also knows that as soon as she gets those trained up, she’ll have to get back too training for being able too use the mackinaw and the hulk.

She’ll also have too get many other things trained too be able to use a better hauler.  She’ll hopefully and eventually will be able to0 use the Gallente Itty 5, but this is like many other things will take a while.  Eventually she will have too train up too be able too use the Orca as well as battleships in her race.

Zeph will have too eventually get back too missions too start making her own money again so that she won’t have to depend on others in the corp to pass isks on to her.  She has to also get around to going to visit family again eventually.

Zeph smiles as she transfers what is in her cargo hold too the floating container outside, as she relaxes and enjoys the mining, while from time to time she watches as Selena takes on the rats that show from time to time, as do all the drones that are floating or zooming around everyones ships.


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