Greetings From Sunny J104626

Star System Designated: J104626 – Location: UNKNOWN

The wormhole flared briefly as the Amaranth emerged from it, fresh from the Riramia system in Tash-Murkon space.  Erbo looked around, thinking, For all I know, I am the first human to lay eyes on this system…at least, since the Times of the Ancients. It was awe-inspiring, if a little scary.

Short-range omni-scan indicated that there were no other vessels or structures in his vicinity, so he engaged the command to warp to an orbit around one of the system’s central planets.  Once there, he launched four probes in quick succession, deploying them in a cruciform scanning configuration, while he activated Amaranth‘s powerful cloaking device.

Wish you were here...NOT!

Wish you were here...NOT!

Almost immediately, the probes reported back several sites…four hard target locks, five that would require further scanning.  Erbo quickly fell into the routine of isolating and localizing each of the unknown signals, as he had been doing back in “real” space.

The first site he found was an asteroid belt, and, prospector by nature that he was, Erbo warped to it to have a look.  The sight astounded him…there were asteroid ores here he’d never seen.  Hemorphite…gneiss…dark ochre…crokite…arkonor!  He briefly wished that he’d brought the Hulk, Tourmaline King, now sitting in his hangar back in Jarzalad.

From the belt, he adjusted the probes, setting them to scan down the other signatures.  The next three turned out to be wormholes, one of which looked like it was the one he’d entered through.  The last one returned a magnetometric signature, indicating a site for archaeological exploration.  Perhaps the new analyzer module he’d fitted earlier that day would see some use…

He retrieved the probes, turned off the map display…and realized he was not alone.  Three unknown vessels had entered the belt, and were close–dangerously close!  He warped away from the belt with mere seconds to spare, heading for the archaeological site.  That site, originally built by the Talocans, turned out to be heavily guarded, by at least two cruiser-class Sleeper drones and a number of frigate-class drones, so he left without uncloaking.

Erbo next investigated the three wormholes.  One of these was the one he’d come through, as he had suspected.  The other two led back into “real” space as well, one to star system RQ9-OZ in the Venal region, the other to Halmah, a low-security system in the Devoid region of Amarr space.

It’s a pity this knowledge won’t be useful much longer, he thought to himself, heading back for the initial wormhole and returning to Riramia system.  That wormhole will probably have collapsed by tomorrow, most likely taking this whole system with it.  Still, it’s served a useful purpose; I’ve now completely surveyed a wormhole system…and laid the groundwork for a longer stay, someday.

He lined up on the gate to Pimsu and triggered warp, heading back for a well-deserved rest.


2 Responses to “Greetings From Sunny J104626”

  1. Great job on your 1st wormhole wonders 😀

  2. […] W-space, about which I was dubious at first.  But we went from wanting to steer clear of them, to training up scanning skills and checking them out, to knocking off Sleeper battleships.  (At least, a few of them, here and there.)  We even […]

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