Talking A Corpmate Down

An exchange between me and Cassius, via Twitter DM, the day after he ventured into lowsec and got a Drake shot out from under him by pirates (certain details redacted):

Erbo: [Pirate corp] has your killmail up: [killmail link]

Cassius: oh for real? That sucks… well…. there goes my day encompassed by my humiliating defeat

Cassius: can we go to war with them?

Erbo: I would advise against it. They’d probably make mincemeat out of us.

Cassius: grrrrr….. I want their heads on a flippin silver platter . . .

Cassius: first they attack me when I am engaged in combat then they have the nerve to do this? It is humiliating

Erbo: Well, ALL corps who do PvP regularly have killboards. If we did PvP, we’d have one, too.

Erbo: And as for going after them, they have numbers and they have PvP experience. We have neither.

Erbo: Wardec them? We might as well tape bacon to our heads and walk into a tiger pit…*

Erbo: [Pirate] later lost the [fancy faction cruiser] she killed you with, but it took *5 guys* to bring her down: [killmail link]

Cassius: gah sorry… just not happy with the way things have gone…

* Thanks to John Scalzi for this evocative phrase.


2 Responses to “Talking A Corpmate Down”

  1. LOL Nice. Conversations in MMO’s are always rather amusing.

    • Well, this conversation actually took place outside the game, via “direct message” in Twitter. In fact, I was at work at the time, so I couldn’t have been in EVE. 🙂 I pulled these messages out of my TweetDeck history and just substituted Cassius’ EVE character name for his Twitter account name.

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