The Travels of Erbo

the-travels-of-erboIn response to the new meme started by Kirith Kodachi, over at Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, this is a representation of where I’ve traveled in New Eden.

The first major “hot spot” on this map is in Minmatar space (Metropolis and Heimatar), where Lexx and I operated, first as part of Chilled Solutions, then when we founded the Ralpha Dogs.  (The big glowing area there would be, generally, the area between Hek and Ogoten, with Vilur as its center point.)  The second is in Amarr space (Tash-Murkon and Domain), where we’ve spent most of our time in recent months.

The red area on the left is mainly the trail between Metropolis and Domain/Tash-Murkon, through Gallente and Caldari space, with a side trail up to Umokka (where Tony hangs out; we’ve done some business in the past).  The yellow trail on the far left leads to the New Eden system itself, where Selena and I visited once.  The yellow blob at upper left is the area around Cistuvaert, my starting system, which I left early on to travel to Ogoten and join my friends.  There’s one tiny blip into nullsec you can see, otherwise, not really anything outside of Empire.

Of course, you can’t see wormhole systems on this map, either. 🙂


One Response to “The Travels of Erbo”

  1. Hehe, our business left a “trail” 🙂

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