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This is Fanchon

This is Fanchon

Fanchon Sihu is the newest member of the Ralpha Dogs and this is her story, so be prepared for a lengthy read and hope you enjoy!  Now on with the story of Fanchon Sihu and how she came to be a member of the Ralpha Dogs.

Fanchon Sihu was born of the Minmatar Slave Children, but she does not know who her parents are.  She had been spirited out of the slave colony that she had been born into when she was a baby and taken to the Minmatar Republic to be raised by foster families.

Fanchon was raised by a number of different foster parents and families.  She was never in one place too long, especially when battles broke out between the Amarr and the Minmatar.  There was one time, when she had just come of age, that the ship caravan she and many others were on came under attack.  The children not just of her age, but of other ages as well, were stashed in escape pods on all the ships to be jettisoned to safety if something were to happen.  This was to keep the children from being taken and forced into slavery and into breeding camps like animals.  The males would be sent to the work force, and the females to breeding facilities.  The unthinkable happened, and all the pods were jettisoned at once.  The pods had been set to autopilot to travel too different areas around New Eden and the Minmatar space.

Fanchon and the few little children watched with sad eyes as the ships they were on were taken down one by one, until the pods went into warp drive and the ships could no longer be seen.  The smaller children started crying as their family and parents get blown into space dust, so Fanchon gathered the small children around her to comfort them as their escape pod traveled to its designated destination that had been pre-programmed into its memory.  She sang comforting songs and told them stories to help keep all their minds preoccupied with other then what they had seen happen. Continue reading


Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues

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A sort of lull has descended over the Ralpha Dogs at the moment.  Perhaps our recent setbacks in wormhole operation have had something to do with it, perhaps there are other factors at play.  But, for whatever reason, Selena hasn’t been inclined to do much in EVE at this point, which kind of keeps me away as well, so I can do what I can to make her happy.

I wish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime...

I wish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime...

Oh, there’ve been a few things I’ve managed to accomplish.  A friend who came along with us on a Class 2 wormhole expedition convinced us of the value of torpedo-armed stealth bombers in taking down Sleeper battleships, so I’ve been furiously training up to fly one of my own, and assembled a Nemesis, the Sleeping Sun, to hopefully do similar good things in the future.  We’ve also had discussions with the Hauling Hogs about some possible joint operations, both in mining and wormhole exploration, and I need to look at good “support cruiser/BC” setups to help with that effort.

Nonetheless, the lull is palpable, and I suspect we’re not the only ones that have troubles this time of year; summer, after all, is the season when people tend to go outside and have a good time, not stay indoors hunched over terminals to fly Internet spaceships around.  Anyone else have similar experiences?

What Are The Ralpha Dogs Doing Now?

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“Well, to put it mildly, we aren’t doing much at the moment,” Selena says from her desk as she types away at the computer in the Ralpha Dogs Office.  She continues to speak as she works.

“We’ve mostly been hunting down wormholes and going into them with some of our corp to take down Sleepers.  Though that one time, we were in a wormhole while Erbo was sitting cloaked, one of our corp members was buzzing around the planets just to scan using the directional scanner on his ship, since that was the only way we could keep check for other ships.  We did notice a POS was based in this system, and that there were a couple of Retrievers and Bestowers doing a mining operation in the system.  I’m guessing that might have been their POS, but we aren’t for sure.” She finishes typing for a few and takes a drink of water before getting back to the conversation.

“All we know is that there was a POS and some ships in there.  I was minding my own business sitting near where Erbo was, though not too close to break his cloak as he scanned down anomalies within the wormhole system, when our corp mate comes over the fleet com and says he’s under attack by a player.  I took off to his aid, and got there just long enough for him to pod to safety, but in the process my Myrm got webscrambled, and I was soon under attack by the same person.  The person was in a Harbinger, and was a flashy yellow with an outlaw skull by his name.  He apparently was a pirate and was hunting down prey within the worm hole system.” She finishes typing again and sighs and takes another drink and then soon continues talking.

“Like I said, the guy was a pirate and he’d been hunting in the wormhole.  My ship and Cassius’s was not the only one he’d taken down.  He took down the Retriever and such that was also in the system.  I didn’t do much blinking, just a lot of cussing as my hull got breached and as I tried to pod out, the pirate warpscramed my pod and podded me.  That was the last thing I remember, ’cause I woke up in my clone.  I had to rebuy my implants and all just to get back up to snuff, and since that day, I’ve not quite had the feeling to go into wormhole space for a while, so I’ve been sitting around in the office here doing my own thing and taking care of paperwork and the all.  Erbo still goes out from time to time and does scan down our space and surrounding areas for possible wormholes, but there are other space anomalies out there that I join in to take down, usually the rogue drone or Sansha group.” She pauses a moment and thinks again and takes a sip of water and then speaks again, “Oh did I forget to mention that we moved ourselves back to Jarzalad.  Yep, after the catastrophe in the wormhole we packed up and came back to Jarzalad, which was close to our factory HQ, and continued seeking out and destroying what we could enemy wise.  The corporation that podded me is now on our very unliked records and is now major red to us.  Anyways, I’ll let you all go and get back to work to go interview some much more worthier person then myself.  Clear skies to you all and be safe.” She gives a smile and waves as the reporters pack up and are escorted out by security.  She breathes a sigh of relief to finally get that off her chest and then gets back to the paperwork at hand and checks for supplies and deliveries and such.

Lost In Space

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The Ralpha Dogs’ latest wormhole expedition had not gone well.  After successfully clearing two sites of Sleepers, a control systems glitch had taken Cassius and CSS Katana out of the fight in a third one, and Erbo and Selena had been forced to retreat to the rally point.  As soon as Cassius managed to regain control, he headed for the exit, as fatigue was setting in.

Suddenly, over the com channel, Cassius’ voice broke in.  “I think you’d better get out here.”

Erbo wheeled Cydonia Mensae around, setting warp coordinates for the exit wormhole.  Beside him, he could see Selena, in Mozart, doing the same thing.  The two ships streaked through space…and, as they dropped out of warp, Selena gasped.

CSS Katana was there…but the wormhole was not.  It had vanished.

. . .

A famous vessel that once found itself in a similar predicament.

A famous vessel that once found itself in a similar predicament.

“Okay, people,” said Erbo, “everybody just calm down. We knew this could happen.  That’s why I have a probe launcher on this ship.  There’s another way out of here; we just have to find it.”

He warped Cydonia Mensae over to the first planet of the system, and quickly dropped four probes.  As he set them into position, he warped to a second wormhole he’d discovered in the initial survey he’d done with Amaranth.  He hadn’t checked it earlier…but when he did now, he could see that it led in a low-security system.  Not ideal, but they might be forced to use it.

“Are we gonna have to spend the night in this system?” asked Selena.

“No, we’ll find a way out,” said Erbo.  “This wormhole, for instance, exits to lowsec.  We might be able to make it out that way.”

“I ain’t going that way!” came Selena’s response.

“It may be our only shot,” said Erbo.  “Remember your training, and you will make it back alive.  Now hang on, I’ve got to start probing.”

One by one, he patiently checked all the unknown signatures he could find, abandoning the search of a particular return every time it turned out to be a non-wormhole.  His hopes soared when another wormhole did in fact reveal itself, but it turned out only to lead to another unknown system.

Finally, he ordered the recall of his probes.  Those two wormholes were the only ways out.

“We’ll have to try the lowsec one,” he said.  “Selena, you and I will warp there first, and then you go through and see where it leads.”

. . .

Gyerzen system, Tash-Murkon region:

The wormhole flared briefly as Mozart emerged.  Selena checked her navigation system as it picked up on where she was…and blinked in surprise.

“It’s in Tash-Murkon!” she called back.  “Gyerzen system!”

Checking her star charts, as she knew Erbo would be doing, she saw that the explorers had lucked out.  Gyerzen was a “dead-end” system, with only one exit, to Dabrid, a high-security system.  From there, they could easily get to the Ralpha Dogs’ galactic headquarters at Assiad, or to either of two major bases.

“Okay,” said Erbo over the com system.  “If we just burn across the system in a straight shot, we have a chance, maybe a pretty good chance.  I’m sending Cassius through first.  Cassius, when you get through, warp straight for the gate and jump the second you arrive there.”

“Roger,” came Cassius’ voice.

“Selena, stay in position while Cassius goes through, and keep watch for any spikes in local.  I’ll remain in here until we know whether the route’s clear.”

“Acknowledged,” said Selena.

The wormhole flared again, and CSS Katana emerged.  As Selena watched, the Drake-class battlecruiser quickly lined up and streaked off into warp.  Selena kept one eye on the local communications net, watching for a sudden jump in the number of people that would mean a trap might be being laid.

“I’m through!” called Cassius.

“All right!” said Erbo.  “Cassius, find the nearest station to the jumpgate and dock up.  Selena, warp to the gate as fast as you can, then jump through quickly.  I’ll be right on your tail.”

“I’m going!” said Selena, triggering the command to warp to the jumpgate.  As her ship began to pick up speed, she saw the wormhole flare once more, as Erbo piloted his own Myrmidon through.

The trip was fast and uneventful, and no other ships waited between her and the jumpgate.  She triggered it, and was jumped at once to the Dabrid system.

“I’m through!” she said, consulting her tactical display.  “Was it planet five you warped to, Cassius?”

“Affirmative,” came the call.  “I’ve just docked up.”

Selena set her own course for the station, still worried.  Had Erbo run into trouble?

“I made it!” came Erbo’s voice over the communicator.  “Great job, everyone! Great job!”

Selena smiled as the Caldari station she’d headed for came into view, and Mozart prepared for docking.  The three of them would spend the night here, and, in the morning, continue back to base.  It wasn’t ideal, but it beat trying to sleep in a pod any day.

Once again, the Ralpha Dogs had beaten the odds.