Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues

A sort of lull has descended over the Ralpha Dogs at the moment.  Perhaps our recent setbacks in wormhole operation have had something to do with it, perhaps there are other factors at play.  But, for whatever reason, Selena hasn’t been inclined to do much in EVE at this point, which kind of keeps me away as well, so I can do what I can to make her happy.

I wish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime...

I wish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime...

Oh, there’ve been a few things I’ve managed to accomplish.  A friend who came along with us on a Class 2 wormhole expedition convinced us of the value of torpedo-armed stealth bombers in taking down Sleeper battleships, so I’ve been furiously training up to fly one of my own, and assembled a Nemesis, the Sleeping Sun, to hopefully do similar good things in the future.  We’ve also had discussions with the Hauling Hogs about some possible joint operations, both in mining and wormhole exploration, and I need to look at good “support cruiser/BC” setups to help with that effort.

Nonetheless, the lull is palpable, and I suspect we’re not the only ones that have troubles this time of year; summer, after all, is the season when people tend to go outside and have a good time, not stay indoors hunched over terminals to fly Internet spaceships around.  Anyone else have similar experiences?


7 Responses to “Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues”

  1. Last year during my first summer as CEO, the summer blues reared its ugly head as well. Back then an experienced CEO told me to hang in there and indeed around september things picked up again. Enjoy summer while you can and use the lull to do everything you didn’t have time for during the year, because when fall hits you will be wishing you had some spare time again.

    And most importantly, tell your corp members that experience their first summer blues this is normal and help them pull through as well.

  2. selenalore Says:

    True true, and I guess that’s the reason we are taking a small RL trip this July :). It will definantly help.

  3. well, over the summer I’ll probably be focusing on training up my harbi, so if you need anything specific, tell me and I’ll make sure to fit it into my skill plan

    • Excellent! Getting you able to fly the Harbinger well will help.

      (Everyone else: ej is our newest Ralpha Dog, having just joined the corp a few nights ago. We inaugurated his tenure by mining out a nice hidden belt of hedbergite, hemorphite, and jaspet.)

  4. well, what should I aim for? right now I’m just going by certificates. once I finish learning skills in a day or two I’m just aiming for the recommended harbi certificates

  5. Welcome EJ!

    Hope you guys have lots of fun. If the Ralpha Dogs ever need my ramblings or my company, feel free to hit me up!

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