What Are The Ralpha Dogs Doing Now?

“Well, to put it mildly, we aren’t doing much at the moment,” Selena says from her desk as she types away at the computer in the Ralpha Dogs Office.  She continues to speak as she works.

“We’ve mostly been hunting down wormholes and going into them with some of our corp to take down Sleepers.  Though that one time, we were in a wormhole while Erbo was sitting cloaked, one of our corp members was buzzing around the planets just to scan using the directional scanner on his ship, since that was the only way we could keep check for other ships.  We did notice a POS was based in this system, and that there were a couple of Retrievers and Bestowers doing a mining operation in the system.  I’m guessing that might have been their POS, but we aren’t for sure.” She finishes typing for a few and takes a drink of water before getting back to the conversation.

“All we know is that there was a POS and some ships in there.  I was minding my own business sitting near where Erbo was, though not too close to break his cloak as he scanned down anomalies within the wormhole system, when our corp mate comes over the fleet com and says he’s under attack by a player.  I took off to his aid, and got there just long enough for him to pod to safety, but in the process my Myrm got webscrambled, and I was soon under attack by the same person.  The person was in a Harbinger, and was a flashy yellow with an outlaw skull by his name.  He apparently was a pirate and was hunting down prey within the worm hole system.” She finishes typing again and sighs and takes another drink and then soon continues talking.

“Like I said, the guy was a pirate and he’d been hunting in the wormhole.  My ship and Cassius’s was not the only one he’d taken down.  He took down the Retriever and such that was also in the system.  I didn’t do much blinking, just a lot of cussing as my hull got breached and as I tried to pod out, the pirate warpscramed my pod and podded me.  That was the last thing I remember, ’cause I woke up in my clone.  I had to rebuy my implants and all just to get back up to snuff, and since that day, I’ve not quite had the feeling to go into wormhole space for a while, so I’ve been sitting around in the office here doing my own thing and taking care of paperwork and the all.  Erbo still goes out from time to time and does scan down our space and surrounding areas for possible wormholes, but there are other space anomalies out there that I join in to take down, usually the rogue drone or Sansha group.” She pauses a moment and thinks again and takes a sip of water and then speaks again, “Oh did I forget to mention that we moved ourselves back to Jarzalad.  Yep, after the catastrophe in the wormhole we packed up and came back to Jarzalad, which was close to our factory HQ, and continued seeking out and destroying what we could enemy wise.  The corporation that podded me is now on our very unliked records and is now major red to us.  Anyways, I’ll let you all go and get back to work to go interview some much more worthier person then myself.  Clear skies to you all and be safe.” She gives a smile and waves as the reporters pack up and are escorted out by security.  She breathes a sigh of relief to finally get that off her chest and then gets back to the paperwork at hand and checks for supplies and deliveries and such.


5 Responses to “What Are The Ralpha Dogs Doing Now?”

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  2. Sorry about the late comments, lacked internet connection for a bit.

    Anyways, sorry about your loss. I hope this setback won’t set you back too much. Keep having fun and taking it head on!

  3. selenalore Says:

    That’s why we’ve not seen you around much, and it’s ok, no problems there. RL can suck at times. As for what happened, I’m ok with it now, but I’ve also been fighting off burnout, so you don’t see us in there often. I sure don’t want to totally give up on EVE, so been taking breaks here and there :).

    We actually recently went into a wormhole this weekend and took out some sleepers. 🙂

  4. Ah burnout, that darn thing!

    We def need to hang again, it was lots of fun.

    • selenalore Says:

      hehe. Might this weekend. Yeah the trip is suppose to be from the 18th of july to the 22nd of july, so we won’t be on much at all when that trip starts. probably won’t be back on until after the trip.

      We’ll definantly have to try and do something I guess 🙂

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