This is Fanchon

This is Fanchon

Fanchon Sihu is the newest member of the Ralpha Dogs and this is her story, so be prepared for a lengthy read and hope you enjoy!  Now on with the story of Fanchon Sihu and how she came to be a member of the Ralpha Dogs.

Fanchon Sihu was born of the Minmatar Slave Children, but she does not know who her parents are.  She had been spirited out of the slave colony that she had been born into when she was a baby and taken to the Minmatar Republic to be raised by foster families.

Fanchon was raised by a number of different foster parents and families.  She was never in one place too long, especially when battles broke out between the Amarr and the Minmatar.  There was one time, when she had just come of age, that the ship caravan she and many others were on came under attack.  The children not just of her age, but of other ages as well, were stashed in escape pods on all the ships to be jettisoned to safety if something were to happen.  This was to keep the children from being taken and forced into slavery and into breeding camps like animals.  The males would be sent to the work force, and the females to breeding facilities.  The unthinkable happened, and all the pods were jettisoned at once.  The pods had been set to autopilot to travel too different areas around New Eden and the Minmatar space.

Fanchon and the few little children watched with sad eyes as the ships they were on were taken down one by one, until the pods went into warp drive and the ships could no longer be seen.  The smaller children started crying as their family and parents get blown into space dust, so Fanchon gathered the small children around her to comfort them as their escape pod traveled to its designated destination that had been pre-programmed into its memory.  She sang comforting songs and told them stories to help keep all their minds preoccupied with other then what they had seen happen.

Their escape pod reached its destination located in Metropolis, more specifically in Vilur on one of its planets.  The escape pod that Fanchon and the younger children were in landed safely on one of the planets, and as the pod doors opened, they were all greeted by family and friends; even some of the children’s parents survived, and made it safely to the same planets as all the children did.

Fanchon stood back while the children were taken too their new homes, by family or friends.  She had no one too call family, for she didn’t know who her family were, so she moved off to sit somewhere and listened to the laughter and cheers of the children and their small families.  Little did Fanchon know that she was being watched by a man, who would turn out later to be her half-brother, who was older then her by at least 5 years.

Pierre watched Fanchon from a distance as his father explained to him over the private comlink, that he had a baby sister who is half Minmatar.  His father described what she looked like, and Pierre smiled gently and told his father that Fanchon had been found.  His dad sighed, and gave instructions to find her a place to live and to help her get her education done.  Pierre agreed, and soon made a few calls, and soon a place was setup and word was sent to Fanchon, that a friend of one of her foster parents, had set up a living place for her to live.

Fanchon was surprised, and asked what she must do.  The instructions were simple; to finish her education, and then to go off to a university to get herself a higher education, and all else would be taken care of, such as rent, food and clothing.  Fanchon thought a moment, and then agreed to it, and her life improved, and her new life began.

Fanchon finished her education, and decided to become one of the few and proud capsuleers, so she headed to the Heimatar region and into Hulm, where she started her university education at the Republic University School to become a capsuleer.

On her graduation day, she had prepared to head off to find a job with one of the corporations that are spread all over New Eden.  She headed back to Vilur where her home is located, and started to travel around the various stations that orbited the planets or moons, and read over each corporation that is based in that station.  She ran across one corporation that she seemed to be drawn to, and that corporation is known as the ΡΑΔ, or simply put the Ralpha Dogs, so she put in her application and wss swiftly accepted into the corporation and became a proud member of the Ralpha Dogs (ΡΑΔ).

Fanchon traveled to Jarzalad to join up with the Ralpha Dogs, and wss soon deep into work and continuing her education and learning to fly all the ships and learning how to use the different types of weapons and drones that are out in the world of New Eden.  She is now flying a ship that is of the Hurricane Class of Minmatar ships, and will continue to learn to fly the rest of the ships of the Minmatar.

This is the Hurricane




  1. Awe, what a wonderful story!

    The Ralpha Dogs are certainly gaining their number of members.

    Being in a solo corp is boring me, maybe I’ll apply here someday. Maybe…

  2. selenalore Says:

    Hmmm That would be nice :). You already know how we work :).

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