The Importance of Keeping Your Ears Open

Well, it’s been a while, but recently the Ralpha Dogs have been on the move again, accumulating more ore and stockpiling more minerals.  This past weekend, we were hanging around the station when a message came over local, asking if anyone wanted a large exploration belt with jaspet, kernite, and omber.  None of us replied…but I hopped into Amaranth and went out and scanned the system.  Between my probe skills and Amaranth‘s Sisters probe gear, that didn’t take long; I managed to find it myself.

We mined that belt for three days, eventually clearing it out.  I did the actual mining in Tourmaline King, with Selena providing Orca support in Jupiter and Fanchon riding security in Dagger.  (Both Ad’al and EJ helped out as they could, too.)  The following evening, I found another hidden belt in the same system (after Selena had putzed around a bit in I Can See For Miles trying to lock down the location), and we cleared it of a few jaspet rocks.

I have no idea if this is due to CCP’s “Unholy Rage” program to kill off the macro-miners and ISK farmers, but this is some of the best mining I’ve seen in that system in a long time.  Thanks to whoever unknowingly tipped us off about that first belt, we pulled in enough ore to fill up the Tuomas Holopainen over halfway as I transported it out to be refined at our manufacturing base.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, an opportunity can come your way at any time.  Be ready for it.


2 Responses to “The Importance of Keeping Your Ears Open”

  1. what system was this?

  2. That was Jarzalad.

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