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Searching Out Further Away From Homebase

Posted in He Said-She Said, Storyline on June 20, 2011 by selenalore

Selenalore wakes and looks around the new Captain’s Quarters on the Jarzalad Station that has been the spot for the Ralpha Dogs Headquarters for a long time. She smiles softly to herself as she makes sure that she doesn’t wake Erbo. She quietly heads out into the living and office area and touches a few spots on the new desk and a computer screen rises from the desktop.

She then reaches out and touches the screen and does a few code processes to activate her computer system. She smiles as she hears a voice come from the computer and a face appears on the screen in one of the corners of the big computer screen and says, “Greetings Selenalore, it’s been a while since you have awoken me from my slumber to do some research.”

Selenalore smiles and says, “Greetings Coahoma, nice to hear that voice of yours. Did the move to the new quarters computer go smoothly for you?”

There was a brief silence, and then the face showed a big smile and Coahoma says, “It went smoothly as planned and they treated me well in the move, didn’t even shake my code up. They done a great job.”  Coahoma looks around and says, “The quarters could do with some sprucing up but I’m sure you’ll do that eventually.” Then she looks back at Selenalore and says, “So what do you want me to do for you, cause you wouldn’t have woke me for no apparent reason just to chat.” she laughs softly.

Selenalore sits down and pulls out some maps of the chartered systems around and looks at them when she speaks, “You are correct on that Coahoma. I need you to look up the Gallente space domain areas and check each one for ice fields. We want to spread out towards that area for corporation operations and possibly pick up new members in the process if all goes well.”

Coahoma says, “Working on that now boss.” and as she starts doing the research the data and pictures of the star systems start popping up and all over the screen as the computer starts searching. Selenalore smiles as she watches the screen with much interest since the newer systems are far more superior to the older systems that wouldn’t do very many graphics especially of the high quality that is being seen now. She is amazed how far technology is coming and going in everyone’s lives here in New Eden. She then goes back to pursing the maps in front of her and checks for routes and trade hubs and dangerous areas, which she will recheck via Coahoma’s research and the star system maps and more over the computer system.

Coahoma finishes and starts talking and explains what she has found and where and also updates Selenalore on all things including news and gossip and stocks and more. She then checks Selenalore’s mapping and routes against what she has come up with and what has been found and makes the plans that will be sent to the shuttle to help Selenalore get to the destinations and to have the updated information there as well. Oh yeah and she herself will be there as well since with the new computer systems you can do the base to ship over distances.

Selenalore finishes the preperations and prepares to head out, but she checks in on Erbo to see if he is still resting well, and then she heads to the balcony and picks the ship that she will be using to fly to the locations and scout out areas for both mining and offices as well as jump clones and more.

Selenalore gets into the shuttle and prepares to launch, and she has left a note to Erbo to let him know she has gone out to scout out new territory for ice mining, mining and offices and more. She then sets her destination to head to the Everyshore territory of Gallente space, and sits back to enjoy the ride and listens to good music and taking naps off and on and such while she travels.


Awaken From Deep Slumber

Posted in Storyline on July 5, 2010 by selenalore

The men down below are still loading up the new capsules and loading up the old ones, when the lights in the control room above start to brighten at the same time as the ones in the ship bay do.

They all freeze in their work as they blink a few times to adjust them to the somewhat brighter lighting and stare in amazement at all the ships that are in the bay, since now they can see them all. Each man notes the Gallente ships since they are more prominent in the bay, but now they note not only Gallente, but also Minmatar, Amarr, Caldari, and an Angel Cartel ship. Apparently this corp is interracial, and they have all put aside their differences between all the races and have learned to work together as one unit.

The men stir from standing there and get back to work loading and unloading as they hear the soft descent of the hydraulic elevator making its way down to the bay area…


Selena wakes from her sleep and her wonderful dreams, as the warm air from the room gently brushes over her face. Soon enough, her beautiful, piercing blue eyes opened and she looks around the room, while her eyes adjust to the lighting, and then she stretches her long and lithe body to help the unused muscles and joints to move some and circulate the blood throughout her entire body.

She then climbs out of her tube and looks first at Erbo and then Fan and makes her shaky way to Erbo and smiles down at his handsome face, and leans down and places a gentle and loving kiss on his lips to help him wake up.

One of Erbo’s startling blue eyes opens and watches as Selena starts to move around, and mumbles something like, “Mom, it’s not time yet.”

Selena laughs softly and says, “Yes it is, and I think Mother wants to chat with you.” She gives him another kiss as she moves back to let him climb out.

Fan speaks up, saying “What’s all this noise going on?” and Selena moves over to help Fan climb out and moves back after Fan has a hold of the side of her tube and starts doing some stretches to help her blood circulate to unused muscles and joints.

Selena watches as Erbo heads over to chat with Mother, and then she makes sure all things are fine and then heads to the living quarters of the Ralpha Dogs and takes a shower and steps into a fresh uniform before heading to the kitchen and preparing a large meal and placing it in the oven to cook, and the other fixings to chill in the fridge and such.

Selena then heads back into the area, after making sure fresh uniforms are laid out in each living quarters for the others to take a shower and such after their sleep.

Selena steps back into the control room fresh and alert and heads over to her designated area and checks on security and notes the delivery of their new capsules and heads towards the elevator. She passes a kiss to Erbo’s cheek in passing and gives him a smile and then slips into the elevator and heads down to the ship bay area.

The men look up as the elevator comes to a stop and opens. They stare for a moment at the striking Gallente woman as she heads towards them with a smile as she reaches out and grabs a clipboard from the side of the elevator next to a well lit console, and as she walks towards them she touches some things on the portable console and bots start to come awake and make their way towards all the ships and start cleaning them and doing maintenance on the ships to make sure all is in working order.

Selena comes to a stop in front of the man and introduces herself, and says, “Welcome to the Ralpha Dogs’ ship bay. I’m Selenalore Evans, one of the Abbots of the Ralpha Dogs and head of security.” She gives a smile and shakes each man’s hand and then takes the offered sales slip and shipping form of the new capsules and looks over each one and gives a nod and says, “Excellent work, and well done.” She smiles and finishes helping the men and then signs, pays, and gives tips to the men for the hard work and with a nod and handshake to the men she watches as they leave.

Selena smiles as they take their time as they continue to look in awe at all the ships, until they can’t see them anymore. She laughs softly and heads back towards the control room above and files the forms in the appropriate places and checks to make sure all is go and sends out signals to other Ralpha Dogs out there if they are still with them to let all know that the Ralpha Dogs are back up and running.

Selena looks around one last time and heads towards the kitchen to serve dinner and all to those here…


Posted in Storyline on June 21, 2009 by selenalore
This is Fanchon

This is Fanchon

Fanchon Sihu is the newest member of the Ralpha Dogs and this is her story, so be prepared for a lengthy read and hope you enjoy!  Now on with the story of Fanchon Sihu and how she came to be a member of the Ralpha Dogs.

Fanchon Sihu was born of the Minmatar Slave Children, but she does not know who her parents are.  She had been spirited out of the slave colony that she had been born into when she was a baby and taken to the Minmatar Republic to be raised by foster families.

Fanchon was raised by a number of different foster parents and families.  She was never in one place too long, especially when battles broke out between the Amarr and the Minmatar.  There was one time, when she had just come of age, that the ship caravan she and many others were on came under attack.  The children not just of her age, but of other ages as well, were stashed in escape pods on all the ships to be jettisoned to safety if something were to happen.  This was to keep the children from being taken and forced into slavery and into breeding camps like animals.  The males would be sent to the work force, and the females to breeding facilities.  The unthinkable happened, and all the pods were jettisoned at once.  The pods had been set to autopilot to travel too different areas around New Eden and the Minmatar space.

Fanchon and the few little children watched with sad eyes as the ships they were on were taken down one by one, until the pods went into warp drive and the ships could no longer be seen.  The smaller children started crying as their family and parents get blown into space dust, so Fanchon gathered the small children around her to comfort them as their escape pod traveled to its designated destination that had been pre-programmed into its memory.  She sang comforting songs and told them stories to help keep all their minds preoccupied with other then what they had seen happen. Continue reading

What Are The Ralpha Dogs Doing Now?

Posted in He Said-She Said, Storyline on June 21, 2009 by selenalore

“Well, to put it mildly, we aren’t doing much at the moment,” Selena says from her desk as she types away at the computer in the Ralpha Dogs Office.  She continues to speak as she works.

“We’ve mostly been hunting down wormholes and going into them with some of our corp to take down Sleepers.  Though that one time, we were in a wormhole while Erbo was sitting cloaked, one of our corp members was buzzing around the planets just to scan using the directional scanner on his ship, since that was the only way we could keep check for other ships.  We did notice a POS was based in this system, and that there were a couple of Retrievers and Bestowers doing a mining operation in the system.  I’m guessing that might have been their POS, but we aren’t for sure.” She finishes typing for a few and takes a drink of water before getting back to the conversation.

“All we know is that there was a POS and some ships in there.  I was minding my own business sitting near where Erbo was, though not too close to break his cloak as he scanned down anomalies within the wormhole system, when our corp mate comes over the fleet com and says he’s under attack by a player.  I took off to his aid, and got there just long enough for him to pod to safety, but in the process my Myrm got webscrambled, and I was soon under attack by the same person.  The person was in a Harbinger, and was a flashy yellow with an outlaw skull by his name.  He apparently was a pirate and was hunting down prey within the worm hole system.” She finishes typing again and sighs and takes another drink and then soon continues talking.

“Like I said, the guy was a pirate and he’d been hunting in the wormhole.  My ship and Cassius’s was not the only one he’d taken down.  He took down the Retriever and such that was also in the system.  I didn’t do much blinking, just a lot of cussing as my hull got breached and as I tried to pod out, the pirate warpscramed my pod and podded me.  That was the last thing I remember, ’cause I woke up in my clone.  I had to rebuy my implants and all just to get back up to snuff, and since that day, I’ve not quite had the feeling to go into wormhole space for a while, so I’ve been sitting around in the office here doing my own thing and taking care of paperwork and the all.  Erbo still goes out from time to time and does scan down our space and surrounding areas for possible wormholes, but there are other space anomalies out there that I join in to take down, usually the rogue drone or Sansha group.” She pauses a moment and thinks again and takes a sip of water and then speaks again, “Oh did I forget to mention that we moved ourselves back to Jarzalad.  Yep, after the catastrophe in the wormhole we packed up and came back to Jarzalad, which was close to our factory HQ, and continued seeking out and destroying what we could enemy wise.  The corporation that podded me is now on our very unliked records and is now major red to us.  Anyways, I’ll let you all go and get back to work to go interview some much more worthier person then myself.  Clear skies to you all and be safe.” She gives a smile and waves as the reporters pack up and are escorted out by security.  She breathes a sigh of relief to finally get that off her chest and then gets back to the paperwork at hand and checks for supplies and deliveries and such.

Zeph – Mining Away

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Zephira sits in her ship, Zaira Jauhera, mining away at the belt of rich roids from pyro to kernite and more.  She’s listening to some music as she sits there reading as she mines.  The music she’s listening too isn’t quiet Amarrian, but it still has that Gregorian, and yes even some rock as she bobs her head and sings to the music.

She and the Ralpha Dogs are usually fleeted up and doing the mining, while one of the abbots is in his Orca and the other stands guard usually in her myrmidon or one of her battleships.  She feels pride flow through her as a big smile makes its way across her well sculpted features.

She continues to sing quietly too herself as she keeps an eye on her cargo area, and cargo container, while at the same time on her training, and on her screen to keep watch for red dots to show up.  She makes sure her drones are out and about to help with some of the protection of her ship and cargo.

Right now Zeph is in the process of learning refinery 4, so that she can train up the rest or most of her roid reprocessing, too be able too use the crystals in her strip miners.  She also knows that as soon as she gets those trained up, she’ll have to get back too training for being able too use the mackinaw and the hulk.

She’ll also have too get many other things trained too be able to use a better hauler.  She’ll hopefully and eventually will be able to0 use the Gallente Itty 5, but this is like many other things will take a while.  Eventually she will have too train up too be able too use the Orca as well as battleships in her race.

Zeph will have too eventually get back too missions too start making her own money again so that she won’t have to depend on others in the corp to pass isks on to her.  She has to also get around to going to visit family again eventually.

Zeph smiles as she transfers what is in her cargo hold too the floating container outside, as she relaxes and enjoys the mining, while from time to time she watches as Selena takes on the rats that show from time to time, as do all the drones that are floating or zooming around everyones ships.

Selenalore – Office Work

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Selenalore sits at her desk going through the paperwork that has piled up.  Erbo is out and about working on scanning areas for cosmic or space anomalies, while she sits here and does paperwork, including paying the office bills and going through the corps inventory.

She sighs, and knows she should get out there and do the same, but she just doesn’t have the patients for scanning like Erbo does.  She has always got to be active as in guarding and killing things.  That’s just her forte.

She can’t help being bred too protect and kill where necessary.  She can mine and haul too, but she’d whether take on enemies more then anything.  She stares at a photo of her father, as well as one that has her, Erbo and her father, on her graduation day.  She smiles as she remembers the times when she and her father would get out and do a few things.

She misses her dad though, as she continues too look at the photo of herself, Erbo and her father.  She smiles and thinks too herself maybe she’ll be able too talk Erbo into going too see dad sometime this year.  It’ll be nice she thought too herself.

Anyways, with a smile, she gets back to dealing with the paperwork, and knows to be ready for when Erbo calls up the troops too take on any space or cosmic anomalies are found by his scanning, so she settles in to catch up on work and sings to some of the old music of old Earth, letting her mind relax and enjoy.

Selenalore – Ralpha Dog Pilot and Security

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Selenalore Evans

Selenalore Evans

Selenalore Chaise was born to Aymon and Damica Chaise, and of the Gallente Nation. Sadly Damica died not long after giving birth to Selena. She was raised in the Verge Vender region in the little backwoods area called Masalle. It’s a small out of the way system, where it being close to null sec and a few low sec territories, you could watch the sky from the plant as it glowed in a firework of colors as people battled for control.

Aymon was devastated after the lose of his beloved wife, Damica, but was determined to continue on with his life. After all, he had a beautiful baby girl to take care of and raise, and she defiantly had many of her mother’s finer qualities and looks, but little did he know that Selena would grow up too become more like him in so many ways, but defiantly not like either him or Damica as well.

Masalle had many fights due too th conflict between pirates, anti-pirates, Concord and many different corporations, and the reason behind the fights in space, is because Masalle leads to 0.0 or null sec area of Verge Vendor, so yes the conflicts were always happening.

Continue reading