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The Travels of Erbo

Posted in General, Meme Propagation on May 28, 2009 by Erbo

the-travels-of-erboIn response to the new meme started by Kirith Kodachi, over at Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, this is a representation of where I’ve traveled in New Eden.

The first major “hot spot” on this map is in Minmatar space (Metropolis and Heimatar), where Lexx and I operated, first as part of Chilled Solutions, then when we founded the Ralpha Dogs.  (The big glowing area there would be, generally, the area between Hek and Ogoten, with Vilur as its center point.)  The second is in Amarr space (Tash-Murkon and Domain), where we’ve spent most of our time in recent months.

The red area on the left is mainly the trail between Metropolis and Domain/Tash-Murkon, through Gallente and Caldari space, with a side trail up to Umokka (where Tony hangs out; we’ve done some business in the past).  The yellow trail on the far left leads to the New Eden system itself, where Selena and I visited once.  The yellow blob at upper left is the area around Cistuvaert, my starting system, which I left early on to travel to Ogoten and join my friends.  There’s one tiny blip into nullsec you can see, otherwise, not really anything outside of Empire.

Of course, you can’t see wormhole systems on this map, either. 🙂


Lucky Seven Aye..

Posted in Meme Propagation on December 19, 2008 by CelestialFireFlower

Well one someone has already linked the names to the other Lucky Seven on this blog, so I won’t worry about it, so lets see, what are 7 things about myself…..hmmm……

1) I played the clarinet from 7th grade until I graduated from high school in the 12th grade.

2) I’ve been engaged way to many times to count, and gave up on men in general for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME.

3) I lived with my father up until about August of 2008.

4) I’m 38 and I play a number of online games and xbox and them.

5) Back in August of 2008, I fell deeply in love with Erbo.

6) Funny thing behind Erbo and myself.  We knew each other a year through the game or online community known as Second Life.  I had been working as a hostess for him in a number of clubs, and it took a WHOLE YEAR for the man to even notice me, but it finally happened, and as he so eloquently put it, when we finally did fall madly in love, it was like a spark fell into a box of fireworks soaked in gasoline.  He and I have a lot in common, more then anyone could think it is possible for two people to have so much in common.

7) I moved from Arkansas to Colorado.  Erbo came down to Arkansas and helped move my dad back to Illinois, and then he moved me to live with him in Denver, CO, and I’m LOVING every single bit of it.  The snow here is totally awesome and very enjoyable, and the love I feel for Erbo is out of this world :).

Well I guess that’s all I can think of, well there’s probably more but I’m not even going to attempt to type about EVERYTHING :).  LMAO so enjoy what you read here, and I hope this is what ya’ll wanted! Ciao!

Lucky Seven

Posted in Meme Propagation on December 18, 2008 by Erbo

So, I check the corporate inbox today, and, lo and behold, I find that the Ralpha Dogs have been tagged for the “Seven Things” blog game by Tony the Weekend Warrior.  Of course, this begs the question…which of the Ralpha Dogs did he tag?  Three people run this blog, and he could have meant any of them.  Oh well, as one of the Abbots, I must set a good example for the corporation, and volunteer myself for the task.

Briefly restated, here are the rules of this game:

  • Link to the original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself in the post; some random, some weird.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll  begin.

  1. In high school, I played on the school Academic Team for two years running.  If you’ve ever seen “College Bowl” on TV, that’s like what it is; we sat up on stage with little “Jeopardy” buzzers and tried to answer questions for points.  I was originally enticed to do so by the promise of meeting author Ray Bradbury, but I grew to enjoy it, especially since I was part of what, if we were a hockey team, would be the “top line.”
  2. More high school antics: I was voted as a member of the Homecoming Court in my freshman year, in what was no doubt intended as a joke (because I was, after all, a geek).  However, I upheld the role admirably, and later gave a phone interview to the school’s “underground” newspaper about my experience.  The girl who was elected Princess alongside me became a good friend of mine.
  3. I have an ex-wife in Finland, of all places.  She’s not a native Finn; she went there to go to college shortly after we divorced, and in fact, the purpose of our divorce was to enable her to do so.  She is, however, now remarried to a native Finn.  I’ve met the guy she’s now married to, who visited us the winter before she left; he’s a fine young man, in my view.
  4. I almost had wealth in my grasp in the dot-com era; I had vested options in the company I was working for, which, if I had managed to exercise them, could have netted me a few tens of thousands of dollars.  However, I waited too long, and was caught by the dot-com crash.  Those options are long gone; they disappeared when I was laid off from that company the following year.
  5. In my professional life, I work with supercomputing cluster systems–a job which has given me more of an appreciation for the architecture of server systems like Tranquility (and the Second Life Grid).
  6. Interesting college anecdote: One evening I got a call from a couple of my friends asking if I wanted to go to a bar with them.  The catch was–as I found out later–we were flying to that bar, in a Piper Cherokee owned by the university’s Flying Club, of which one of those friends was president.  It was actually a fun little trip along the coast, and it helped my friend stay current on his pilot’s license.
  7. My hair is brown, with a few gray hairs starting to appear…except for one patch on the top of my head, which is all gray.  That marks the spot where a birthmark was on my head when I was born.  The gray patch actually started appearing in high school, and I got my share of ribbing about being a “punker.”

As this meme seems to have blown through most of the EVE blogging community, I won’t specifically “tag” anybody.  However, my blog co-authors are invited to post their own lists after mine…

UPDATE: Selena has been kind enough to post about herself.

I Guess This Fits

Posted in Meme Propagation on October 27, 2008 by Erbo

Industrialist with teeth
Industrialist with teeth
Take The EvE Personality Test today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Personality Test Generator.

You enjoy Eve’s economic model and you find that the greatest challenge of the game lies in mastering the market. System security status is a matter of profit/no profit for you, and you always factor in the possibility/probability of PvP in your estimates. To you, Eve isn’t a PvP or a PvE game. It’s a simulation of capitalizm in its purest form, and a place where the savvy wins the day.

Which does kind of fit the Ralpha Dogs’ philosophy, I think.