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I Awake

Posted in Poetry on November 4, 2008 by CelestialFireFlower

I awake to the sound of something tickling my mind.

The gentle hum of machinery not far away.

I climb out of my bed and head into the room that has that oh so tempting hum, and as I enter I’m drawn to my desk and reach out and turn it on.

The machine comes alive and fills the air with its electrical hum.

As the window comes up, I pan over to Eve, and there I click and enter into a world of space and cyber.

I enter my ship, and start to let my hands and eyes wonder.

I caressingly hit different buttons here and there and feel my ship become alive.

I sit down in the captains chair and ready for a powerful ride.

Mystic Destruction undocking from Ogoten

Mystic Destruction undocking from Ogoten

I undock and the still cold, but live space opens before me wide, deep and never ending.

I watch my screens as other ships and more appear as I take a cruise through the space of time.

Soon my comlink comes alive as an agent calls me in for a mission.

I respond swiftly, and soon I have my ship heading where the agent has sent me.

Mystic Destruction warping into space

Mystic Destruction warping into space

I relax and let my ship run free, and soon I’m where I need to be.

As I enter the pocket of space, the enemy swiftly appears, but as swiftly as they appear, I swiftly make them disappear, as I take them on.

My ship roars as she works well under my touch as smooth as a well oiled machine should.

My ship and I work together ’til all enemy is nigh, and as we blast the last one into star dust, we both come down from our high.

I start to clear up the littler of the blasted metal and parts, too once again return the space back to its clear openess with nothing but the stars and the asteroids that make this space their home.

I turn in the mission and listen as the ISKs chaching into my account from both bounty and mission price.

Mystic Destruction docking back at the Ogoten Station.

Mystic Destruction docking back at the Ogoten Station.

Then it’s off again into the cold, wide, deep and dark open space too fade back into the shadows or station that I came.

I felt the rush finally die down as I exit the game, and then I stand and depart back into another part of the house as my machine shuts down to sleep, and so do I.